Reduce Size Of Pictures Taken With Digital Camera

How to compress pictures taken using digital camera?

We all know that pictures taken with Digital Camera are big in Resolution as well as size. Bigger size of photos taken with Digital Camera occupy more space. As a result your storing capacity goes down. Normally pictures taken with digital camera are of 5 to 10 MB in size. Bigger in size photos makes it difficult to upload on any web or takes much time in transferring.What you do is compress your photo or make their size small. You don't have to download any extra software as Microsoft Office has it all. You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to compress your photos.

How Reduce Size Of Pictures Taken With Digital Camera?

Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Click On File.

Select Add Picture Shortcut.

Select The Photos you want to Compress.

Click Picture and select Compress Pictures.

Choose from the three compressing options, For documents, web-pages or E-mail messages.

If you Select Documents : Suitable for pictures to be used in documents. Recommended for uploading to social networking sites.

If you Select Web-pages: For on-screen display and faster page loading.

If you Select E-mail messages: For thumbnail display, faster loading and smallest file size.


Click OK to compress photos.

Click save to re-write the originals or click export to save as new image files. Finished.

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