Regularly Get Most Recent Timeline On Facebook

Facebook is continuously in work to make changes in the website so user can use this favorite social media web easily. We continuously seeing that Facebook add new features regularly. And the feature is old and useless after new generated feature that feature never disturb you. Facebook Timeline is now on focus and we have seen that Timeline started with photos but now it is capable to show videos, games and many more.

If you are interested in making your Timeline a regular updated piece of art work than go ahead.or if you are tired of setting and resetting the Most Recent option than try this options. There are many ways to do this and plenty of add ons, extensions are available but this is the easy and most working thing i found and sharing with you.

Firefox Extension
Facebook Auto Live Feed is a plugin which automatically switches to "Most recent" instead of "Top news" when you first enter facebook. You can still switch to top news if you choose so but default will always be to switch to most recent.

Chrome Extension
Don't give facebook the right to determine what's "Top news" to you, that is up to you to decide! This extension makes sure "Most recent" is always the default option in facebook.

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