Rs. 41500 Price Tag For Samsung Galaxy S III - 32GB

Samsung is now ready to launch Samsung Galaxy S III 32 GB in India which is variant of its Galaxy SIII smartphone. The device is available at price of 415100 Rs on Samsung India Online Store. Samsung had announced that it will be launching a 32GB and 64GB model alongside the 16GB edition when it unveiled its flagship, Galaxy SIII. The 32GB version is now available in India at Samsung’s online store at a price point of Rs. 41,500.


At the rate of 43180.00 Rs Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB was launched in India on 31st May this year. The 32GB was not offered at the time of launch. Samsung has reduced the price of the 16GB variant since launch, and it is now available at the Samsung India online store for Rs. 38,400.The 32GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been listed as "not in stock" right now, which is strange but probably means Samsung will be ready to ship units soon. Pebble Blue and White are being offered as the color options.

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been a smash hit, recording 10 million sales in two months. The strong showing powered Samsung to record profits in Q2 2012.

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