Save Your Computer RAM Memory When Firefox Is Minimized

Computer RAM Memory Plays Important role in fast processing of your computer. If you can save RAM memory from one program then other program will operate fast. You will able to run fast other program by saving Memory. There are many ways to save RAM memory but we all know that Firefox is popular browser and every one loves this open source free Browser.

When we run Firefox you will see how much memory it is using in task manager in processing tab. When you don't have work or Firefox and if you want to work on another program and also want to keep open Firefox then you have to Minimize Firefox. Now Minimized Firefox also use that much memory when it was open.

How Save Your Computer RAM Memory When Firefox Is Minimized?

This tip is very useful when you are working on a PC which do not have sufficient space to run more porgrame togather. This Mozilla Firefox tip helps you to save computer memory (RAM) when the internet browser is minimized. This allows windows to allocate more memory to other applications and games running on your system. This preference setting allows windows to swap out memory from a minimized Mozilla application.

Open Mozilla browser in windows OS

On the address bar type about:config

In the filter field type config.trim_on_minimize

There may be a default value False which prevent Windows from trimming the working set
Double click the key to toggle.

Restart firefox

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