Save Youtube Video On Harddisk Without Downloading

When you need to download any video from YouTube you need Software to download that video. Other way to download video from YouTube is you must install any ADD-ONS in your browser. But here we are talking about saving YouTube video without downloading. So you need no software or Plugins, Extension or ADD-ONS to save video from YouTube.

Just watch any video on YouTube and Get FLV file of that video without downloading.

1. Open YouTube and search for any video of your desire in Firefox Browser.

2.After Searching let the video play till it fully completes.

3. After video complete on YouTube you will see REPLY button on Video screen.

4. Don't close the Browser. Just Minimize it.

5. Go to C:C:\Documents and Settings\%currents user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2ai338p4.default\Cache

Sometimes Application Data Folder is hidden so you will not be able to see that folder. Sometimes it might be Hidden.Click on Tools>>Folder Option>>View Tab>>Select Show Hidden Files

In “Profiles” open “Cache” folder. and you will find many file there.Right Click and Arrange Files By Modified. You will see your file first. Now rename file with .flv extension. Copy and paste to your desired folder.


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