Smart App Updates Are Enabled In Google Play Store

Smart App updates are now come to reality. This is the good and useful information by Google for Android user. This will make Android user ability that they have better and updated Apps on their device. Google has just enabled the feature in Biggest App store of the world Google Play Store.

What are smart app updates?

What happen till now is whenever App updated in Playstore whole version was downloaded to the Android device. This is nothing but wastage of bandwidth, space, and battery. Because you have to download whole updated App. If the parts are necessary or not you must have to download. If the App is big in size like games than you will have to waste bandwidth, space, and battery. But, from now on, Google will smartly figure out which chunks of the app have been changed in an update and only those chunks will be updated in your Android device.

So, when you download the latest update to Instagram app (or any other app) on your device today, look at the download bar and you will see that rather than downloading the entire 13.25MB Instagram Android app, Google will just push the updated part - which is around 2-3MB.Smart app updates seem to be live for all Play Store versions, thus making it a server-side change rather than client-side.Google seems to be making quite a few changes on Play Store front these days, two upcoming features gift card and wish list support were discovered yesterday and likely to go live in the coming days.

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