Solve XP Error By Loading DLL Needed For Kernal

After the release of Windows we come to know that XP is not that much secure in today's period of time. Many Bugs are easily entered in Windows XP and damage files needed for XP to run. The Windows XP kernel requires some necessary dll files for stable operation. But because of Virus and other problems in Computer these files are damaged and become inaccessible. Due to which XP unable to perform Stable operation. Reboot at regular interval, Screen Hangs, Alerts etc comes to make us frustrate.

When you see error "Windows Could Not Boot. Load Needed Dll's For Kernel". reinstall/repair your Windows XP is only the solution. So that it will replace old damaged files with new fresh one. But by using recovery console of windows setup, you can simply overwrite the required file and solve this issue. Specifically this method is to solve NTOSKRNL.EX_ related issues.

How To Solve XP Error By Loading DLL Needed For Kernal ?

Reboot the computer, with XP CD , and press any key when a message says press any key to boot from the CD.

In the Microsoft Windows XP setup menu press the R key to enter the recovery console.

Select operating system byt yping the corresponding no. and enter administrator password.

When you get a line with C:\Windows\ , type the following line without any error.(you should turn on your  Caps lock and no. lock in keyboard)


The above command line is to extract a file named NTOSKRNL.EX_ on i386 directory from XP CD  and copy to system32 folder in windows.  When your asked to confirm overwrite, type Y and press enter.

Type Exit and restart you PC


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