Start Your PC 5 Times Faster Than Before

How to start your PC Start? How to boot PC faster? Reduce PC Start-up time?
When you have emergency work, You get to your PC, Press Start Button and wait frustrating on yourself because of slow start of your PC. This is the problem of about 30% of computer user. We don't like any thing which slow and in matter of computer we definitely not like the slow booting. Here are some tips which will boot your PC 5 times faster than before. Lets Check.

Follow Steps Below

Bios Tweak

Turn on your computer.

Enter the BIOS settings screen by manufactures suggestion. Common method by pressing del key.

Look for the boot settings menu and press enter. There you will find an option such as QUICK BOOT-turn it on. This will avoid certain memory/hardware tests during start up time.

Find an option for BOOT DEVICE PRIORITY, and then select hard disk as your first boot device.

Save and exit BIOS setup.

Windows Tweak

Click start>>Run

Type msconfig then press enter. this opens system configuration utility.

In startup tab you will find will find the programs that loads when your computer starts. These may include antivirus programs, sound utilities, video driver utilities ect. In most cases, there will be a huge no. of unwanted programs that came from the installed programs such as Nero, power DVD etc.Disable the useless startup entries.
In system configuration utility under services tab check “Hide all Microsoft services”. this will shows the services that installed with applications that eat considerable memory. Disable un-wanted services then click apply. restart computer.


As all you know adding an extra RAM will increase the pc speed as well as the boot speed of the pc.Also a faster hard drive say 7200 rpm HDD will also help to improve many speed parameters.

There are so many other tweaks but these are the most important that you consider.

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