Tip : Successfully Pass Facebook Photos Verification Method

Many times because of entering wrong password in Facebook account you are prompted to verify yourself by Facebook. This is to secure your account. When you use Facebook on shared computer if some one try to access your account than he has to go from such verification. But think you are not logged in into your account from last many days you do not have idea that which photos belong to which friend. So it makes difficult for you to realize which photo belong to which friend. Here is simple but intelligent tip how to over come this verification method.

Log In to your Facebook Account.

It will tell you to verify yourself by showing some pictures and you have to guess which picture belongs to whom.

Now when you see pictures below them you will also see Names of your friends which ask you to choose radio button.

Now what you do is Login to another account of your wife, sister, mother, father uncle or any one. and search for the name which you are seeing.

After searching your friend and visit his profile to see all photos.

If you find the photo you are looking for just go to your Facebook account and verify the photo and friend.

The other way to search in Google. It will be little hard but working.

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