Unlimited Capacity Exovolt Battery For All Mobile-Phones

Unlimited Capacity Exovolt BatteryExovolt Battery is First of its kind which allows you to charge your gadgets while you are out from the place where you can feed your devices. Exovolt Battery is Stack-able and when ever you need more just add Exovolt layers. This is very useful when you are on long journey or you are at the place where it is difficult to find charging your device. Exogear has created the Exovolt stackable batteries.

According to Exogear The Exovolt Plus is a stackable battery pack with unlimited expandable capacity. It is helpful when your device is running low in battery. No matter how many device you have you can charge them but adding layer to Exovolt. Exovolt Plus consists of a 5200 mAh lithium polymer battery and sub batterie. You can get extra voltage by just adding sub batteries under Exovolt Plus. Each sub battery are 156 gram in weight and 3.7 inches square.

Unlimited Capacity Exovolt Battery

Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods, as well as most smartphones and tabs can be charges with Exovolt Plus. It comes with 30-pin and micro-USB connectors. Power Indicators. four LED lights on the units show how much power remains. An Auto-Safety Protection System ensures your tower won't overheat. The price of main battery will be $89.95 and the sub batteries for $49.95.

This battery will be soon in the market so if you are really a person who loves to be on vacation for long times or you are always in travelling than this is the best and useful charger for you.

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