9 Expected Features Of iPhone 5

9 expected features of iPhone 5

The wait for Apple's next-generation iPhone is finally getting over. Cupertino-based tech giant is set to launch the device, popularly being called iPhone 5, on September 12 in New York. Like all previous launches, iPhone 5's launch too has rumours flying left, right and centre. From the larger display to the quad-core processor, most analysts and websites (quoting their 'inside sources') have something to say about the coming iPhone 5.

Since the first-generation iPhone, Apple has stuck to its 3.5-inch screen. But this may change with the iPhone 5 as the device will compete against the likes of Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X, which feature 4.8-inch and 4.7 inch displays respectively.

There are already spy shots that reveal a larger display panel and the most prominent rumour is that the upcoming iteration of the iPhone will have a 4-inch display.

Speculation is rife that the Cupertino-based company may finally use a quad core processor in iPhone 5. Previously, there were rumours that the third-generation iPad would have the A6 quad-core CPU, but that turned out to be premature.

Even though Apple is not known for updating the technology so fast, we hope to see it jump from dual-core to quad-core this time around.

iOS 6
More than a rumour, iOS 6 is a surety for the upcoming iPhone. But the question remains whether Tim Cook would wait till the new Maps app is ready before unveiling the phone and the operating system.

Other rumoured OS-centric features for the iPhone 5 include deeper iCloud integration, Notification Center with third-party widgets and improved Siri support.

A recently revealed picture of the front casing of the iPhone 5 has revealed that the video calling camera, used for FaceTime, has been repositioned. According to the said image, we can see that this camera has been relocated to the top-centre of the device, above the speaker.

Another camera-related tidbit we frequently hear is that Apple will use a 10MP rear camera in the next-generation iPhone. If this turns out to be true, the smartphone will be better equipped to take on the competitors like Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X in the imaging front, since both feature 8MP snappers.

Wall Street Journal has said that Apple has used in-cell technology in its display panel, thus integrating the touch-sensors into the LCD. This has, reportedly, helped the company slim down the waistline of the next-generation iPhone.

By integrating Near Field Communication or NFC technology in the iPhone 5, Apple will be able to facilitate wireless transactions and data exchange. It is also already available in the competing phones and may be included in the next generation iPhone.

A website called KitGuru has leaked images of the 'pre-release test samples' of iPhone 5. These pictures show that not only is the iPhone 5 bigger in size than iPhone 4S, it also features a smaller dock connector, large speaker and microphone grills. The headphone jack is too is now placed at the bottom.

Apple iPhone 5 will reportedly feature next-gen LTE capabilities, which will allow it to transfer data at a much faster rate on wireless connections. However, the internet speed would vary in different countries and all operators may not be able to support it.

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