Amazon choose Nokia Instead of Google for maps

Amazon picks Nokia over Google for maps

Kindle Fire of Inc's will have mapping services through a tie-up with Nokia Oyj instead of Google Map.

Reuters.Amazon will release at least one new version of the Kindle Fire next Thursday.
As per world's largest Internet retailer. nine-month old Kindle Fire now accounts for one in five U.S. tablet sales, has teamed up with Nokia on mapping.

Popular feature on tablets, Mapping service include street maps, information about local businesses and sometimes traffic status and also support navigation instructions and third-party applications that depend on location information, such as travel services. Location capabilities mark the location of tablet and smart phone users.

Last year Kindle Fire was launched with a price tag of 199$. Which costs half the price of the entry-level Apple Inc iPad, helping it rapidly gain consumer acceptance.

Amazon may unveil larger versions of the Fire on Thursday in Los Angeles, analysts and media say, which will compete more directly with the iPad. Although the Kindle now runs on an early version of Google's Android, which Amazon developed into its own operating system, it does not integrate Google Maps into the device. That means users had to access Google Maps via a Web browser, or download map apps from third-party developers.

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