Google search reveals celebrity closeness with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Google search reveals celebrity closeness with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Google has been experimenting dozens of things with its search engine. Whether its acting tough by censoring piracy related keywords, introducing new features like on-the-spot answers, widgets for tablets, enabling faster calculation or simply redesigning its search app , the search giant seems to have done it all.

But it still can't get enough. The latest search project for Google is titled Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Created in 1994 by three U.S. college students, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game that asks movie fans to connect an actor to the 'Hollowman' star in as few steps as possible. Google has created a search tool based on this concept to help figure out how close other Hollywood stars are to Kevin Bacon.

For it to work, users need to type in 'bacon number' followed by the name of any Hollywood celebrity. For instance, Johnny Depp appeared in the film Dark Shadows with Helena Bonham Carter who starred in Novocaine with Kevin Bacon to give Depp a Bacon Number of 2.

Here's a synopsis by Wikipedia for what Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is about:

"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it's a variation on "six degrees of separation" which posits that everyone in the world is no more than six acquaintance links from anyone else on Earth. That idea moved into the pop culture mainstream when it spawned a popular play and movie by the same name. It later morphed into a parlour game, wherein movie buffs challenge each other to find the shortest path between an arbitrary actor and the amazingly well connected Hollywood veteran Kevin Bacon."

When searched, Most actors revealed a Bacon number of 2. These include, Steve Carell, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Al Pacino and even Clint Eastwood. "Clint Eastwood and Chris Penn appeared in Pale Rider. Chris Penn and Kevin Bacon appeared in Footloose," the search revealed.

In the past, Google brought interesting search tools like the Zerg Rush easter egg that eats your Google search results or barrel roll which spins the search page 360 degrees around.

This is not the first time Kevin Bacon is sent as a part of Google. The actor also featured in a Logitech-Google TV commercial in 2012, where an older Kevin Bacon promotes the Logitech Revue keyboard that can by used with Google TV.

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