How To Save Wet Mobile Phone Dropped In Water

If your mobile phone has accidently fall in water or uncovered to wetness, Follow uncomplicated and useful technique to save your mobile handset.

May or may not you have faced this situation that your handset got wet. In monsoon, at swimming pools, water parks or even in the restrooms, many persons accidently drop their mobile phones in water.

If you are enough quick and turn-off your mobile phone you can save it. People try to start their smartphone anxiously. That is a classic mistake. If the phone that got dropped is taken out in less than five to eight seconds, then the possibility to get it working in a day or two is higher.

Follow the below steps to save your wet mobile phone.

Switch off the mobile by pulling out the battery without wasting any time. The phones with non-removable battery need to be switched off. Take out all possible parts that can be separated easily from the phone such as the battery panel, the battery, micro SD card and the SIM card.

Wipe the drenched components with a tissue paper and wrap them in a fresh dry tissue. Do not assemble them together and try to turn on your phone. You will end up damaging the phone severely.

Place the drenched phone and components in the bowl of dry rice grains. You need to place this bowl under sunlight or at a dry place for at least a day or more. The longer you keep the bowl in a dry and warm place; the chances of your phone getting functional again are higher.

Once you feel the phone's surface and other components are dry enough. Try to start them and visit the nearest authorised service center in case it gives any issues.

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