Ice Cream Sandwich now on 21 percent Android devices

Ice Cream Sandwich now on 21 percent Android devices

Most recent allocation numbers of Android version were unconfined by Google across the active smartphones and tablets. The Conclusion of the release is that Ice Cream Sandwich is lastly on a major number of Android devices.

According to platform distribution data, 20.9 percent of Android devices are currently running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Ice Cream Sandwich was originally announced back in October and manufacturers were initially slow in upgrades but off late. Similarly, Jelly Bean is still in a very promising stage even after three months of the launch.

Unsurprisingly, Gingerbread is still at the top spot with 57.5 percent devices running it, but the number is going down, which is good news. It was on 60.6 percent devices in the previously released data.

The versions older than Gingerbread are still holding their ground; mainly because of initial Android buyers, who haven't switched their devices till now and manufacturers have no plans to push any updates for them.

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