iCloud.com sheds beta ahead of iOS 6 debut, adds Notes and Reminders apps

  iCloud.com sheds beta ahead of iOS 6 debut, adds Notes and Reminders apps

Apple's iCloud.com finally bid adieu to its beta tag and welcomed the changes to the official version of its site. iCloud.com is now available to all users of the content syncing service.

iCloud users will notice updated features such as the addition of Notes and Reminders apps to the site, apart from the regular Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone and iWork that sync across all iOS devices.

The Find My Phone app received an update of its own in the form of a new "lost mode". Apple claims that users will now be able to lock their device if it's stolen or lost and send a contact number to the phone. Anyone who finds it can call the owner back at that number without being able to unlock or access the rest of the phone.

icloud.com-updates.jpgThe Mail web app has also received some minor tweaks. It now includes a VIP list feature hat sends users an alert when e-mails arrive from their chosen contacts. Apple mentioned this feature at its iPhone event, which is a part of iOS 6. The company's latest software version, boasting over 200 new features, is slated for a September 19 release

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service which allows you link all of your Apple devices and share content across them quickly. Apple is integrating the service into all of its products, with the most recent change coming to the iOS 6′s Safari browser. iCloud will remember what you're browsing on your Mac and any tabs you have open and automatically sync those tabs to your iPhone or iPad.

iCloud offers users 5GB of free storage, while additional storage of 10GB, 20GB, or 50GB can be purchased for $20, $40, or $100 per year respectively.

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