India Will Soon Get LG Optimus G

Korea will taste the LG Optimus G first and than global launch will take place.

South Korea is set to launch LG Optimus G smartphone next month. LG has decided to launch its smartphone in Sout Korea and than the the handset will then be launched in other countries in next few months.

NTT Docomo will be one of the telecom providers with which the device will be launched in Japan. India can also expect the LG Optimus G to be launched during the same period of time, if not then the device is expected to arrive by the month of November.

The LG Optimus G is expected to feature a missive 4.7 inch IPS+ True HD display and will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The IPS + display offers much brighter visuals than the standard Amolled displays being used in smartphones these days, while offering 70 per cent power savings as well.

LG will be incorporating a 13 megapixel camera with the Optimus G and will use a new battery technology which will offer up to 800 recharge cycles to the device as compared to 500 recharge cycles offered by most smartphone these days.

The device is expected to be showcased during the upcoming IFA event in Berlin scheduled to take place on the coming 31st of august.

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