iPhone 5's 'expensive, ugly' adaptor gets thumbs down

  iPhone 5's 'expensive, ugly' adaptor gets thumbs down

Tech critics have accused Apple of exploiting consumers by offering an 'ugly' and expensive adaptor for new iPhone 5, a gadget that users have to buy in order to use their older accessories.

Technology site Gizmodo branded the adaptor, 'ugly' and accused Apple of a 'money-printing racket' for charging 29 dollars for the American version.

According to Sky News, Farhad Manjoo, Slate's technology columnist, described the new dock as the 'one major problem' with the iPhone 5.

"I've also got lots of charging cords sitting around my house, all designed to power up my phone and iPad wherever I go," he wrote.

"Now all those things - tens of millions of iOS-compatible accessories - have been rendered obsolete," he added.

According to the report, some users in the UK expressed anger over news that an adaptor will not be available before October.

They are also angry over the fact that they have to pay at least 25 pounds for the gadget, almost 50 percent more than those in the US.

The new phone features a 'Lightning' connector that renders millions of speakers, car kits and other accessories obsolete.

It has become mandatory for new iPhone users to buy at least one adaptor, available exclusively from Apple, if they want to continue using devices designed for the 30 pin port on older Apple products. (ANI)

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