Now Find New Job With The Help Of Twitter

How Twitter can help you find a new job ?

Now when you are looking for a new job always try to use Twitter with other famous search tools. You can market yourself more effectively with the help of Twitter. With the help of Twitter you can find open positions, get career advice and network, it has been revealed.Highlight your skills in your Twitter Bio. This is advised by career experts as per New York Post reports.

As per P.R {Phil Rosenberg} President of create an additional Twitter profile for job-seeking purpose if you are secretly looking for new job.

Use keywords as you detail your qualifications in your bio, so that recruiters and hiring managers can find you, and include a link to an online resume and your e-mail address.

According to career experts and our own research, the most effective hashtags for job search are #jobs, #hiring, #jobhunt, #jobsearch, #jobtips, #jobopening, #career and #resume, which you can also attach to your own tweets to help recruiters and hiring managers find you.

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