Rs. 3,999 Tablet By Teracom on MTNL Network

Teracom launches tablet starting at Rs. 3,999 on MTNL network

MTNL and Teracom launched three tablet PCs in partnership. MTNL is state-run telecom operator while Teracom is telecommunication equipment maker.

Teracom Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Arora told reporter that ‘’three models of 'Lofty' tablet with high-end model priced at Rs. 10,999 and entry level model is for Rs. 3,999 are launched by us in partnership with MTNL.’’

The high end model of the tablet has built in 3G SIM and can be used for making phone calls as well, he added. The other models of Lofty tablets are Wi-Fi enabled and support 3G dongles. The Lofty tablets will be sold through MTNL Sanchar Haat in Delhi along with Teracom stores.

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