Eleven Tips To Make You Bold And Beautiful This Winter

 Tips to keep your skin beautiful in this Winter
 As winter starts we keep out woolen clothes like sweater, mufflers, shawls, hand-gloves scarfs, leg socks, monkey caps etc from deep wardrobes which we have kept. We also like to have hot soups, ginger tea etc in winter to keep our self warm. But we forgot one thing in all this and that is our skin care. Below are tips to keep your skin beautiful throughout this winter.

In winter your skin becomes dry so add two drops of olive oil, Badam oil, or coconut oil in your bath water which will keep your skin non dry and also helps your skin healthy and beautiful.

If its possible for you keep wearing warm clothes whole day it will keep your skin safe.

Before wearing hand gloves apply hand-cream or baby lotion it will keep your hands skin un dry.

Never wear wet gloves as it will affects your skin and there are also chances of having cold or fever.

Take Spa and Facial treatment at regular interval too keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

We take bath with warm water in winter so we can feel less cold but it is not correct because our skin became more dry with warm water.

Use scrubber (not daily) but once in a four day while bathing.

Use liquid soap instead of regular soap for bathing to keep your skin un-dry and clean.

Apply Fresh Tomato soup to your hand skin if you feel your hands are drying more. You can also use lemon juice to apply on your hand.

Apply butter or Vaseline to your lips to make them smooth in winter. If you are going outside use lip lotion or lip balm.

Take more milk, Curd, Butter, Paneer like items in daily meal.

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