Unlimited Facebook Messenger Use For ReliancGSM subscribers At Rs 16e

If you are Reliance Communication GSM prepaid subscriber there is a Christmas gift for you. Reliance Communication has launched a plan which will let it user to use Facebook Messenger app for full one month at on Rs 16. This plan is available throughout the country at same price.  Reliance subscriber has to only pay Rs 16 to enjoy this plan. You don’t have to pay any extra  data consumption charges. The plan gets auto-renewed every 30 days unless unsubscribed. 

Android, Blackberry and iOS users have facility to use this app. Facebook have recently gave option to download this app to Indian Android users. You can log in in this app with just user name and mobile number. Before this you have to use your Facebook account to use this App. The Facebook Messenger App is currently at number 5 in the top free Android apps. Users can download the app at fb.me/msgr. The plans with Reliance will allow its GSM customers to use this new app at no extra cost. Reliance GSM subscribers can subscribe to the ‘Facebook Messenger Plan, by sending a SMS “FB” to 53739 from their mobile phones.

To activate 'Facebook Messenger Plan, Relaiance GSM subscribers will have to send text message "FB" to 53739 from their mobile phones. Once activated, this plan will be available for the users for the next 30 days and will get auto renewed on the completion of this period.

“We are confident that ‘Facebook Messenger Plan’ with unlimited usage of Facebook without any extra data charges is set to provide a compelling new experience with incredible affordability to Smartphone users across the country on our superior network. We are hoping this offer to trigger a significant shift of youth customers using Smartphones to our superior network,” says Nilanjan Mukherjee, Wireless -Chief Revenue Officer, RCom.

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