Women Avoid this bad-habits that spoils beauty and health

 In present modern world some of the habits in women’s are so worst that it will affects both beauty and health of women. For this women’s are not guilty as they also have to manage themselves with this present world.  Below I am mentioning some of the most worst habits of modern world women which affects not only their beauty but also health. Avoid this habits to keep your beauty and health strong.


Avoid Wearing High Heels Scandals

In party and events its ok to wear high heel scandal but now the trend is so high that women’s wearing high heel scandal in daily life. This is not very good for health. If you are wearing high heel more than a normal range than you have to keep your-self in same position for long time. This will give more pressure on joints and which will give you Arthritis, back-pain and other joints problem. Moreover if you are unable to keep balance sometime it will also give you outside injury.  In day-today life never wears scandal which has more than 1.5 inch heel.  Also check there is comfortable sponge in scandal or shoes.

Avoid Carrying Heavy Handbags

Gadgets and Accessories are increasing every day. And because of this, big hand-bags are also becoming small. Because of this Women’s have to carry bags containing some kilograms of weight on their shoulders. Never ignore the bad affects which are going to take place in future.  In few you are going to face permanent neck pain and back pain because of this heavy hand bags. So say bye bye to the unuseful things from your bags.

Avoid Sleeping In Make-Ups

Laziness also affects your beautiful skin. After party or events if you sleep without removing or washing make-up is very dangerous for your skin. Because the dust particles which attached in make up during party or daily life will enter in your skin holes and will not removed easily. Because of this you will get Acne and black spot on your skin. Your eyes make up will make your eyes red and also affects on your eyes.

Avoid Wearing Bra which is not of your size

As per survey 80 percent of women are making mistakes in choosing their bra size and wear wrong size bra. If you will wear wrong size bra no question that it will give difference in outlook looks. But it will give you back, neck and breast pain. It will also give you problem in respiration. It also affects blood circulation. So always choose correct size of your bra.

Avoid Stress

Stress is not good both for mental and physical. Women’s are more victim of stress compare to men as per survey by Infotakes.com. Love and relationship are more seriously taken by women than men.

Get Enough Sleep

Because of many personal and other reason women’s are unable to get enough sleep. Because of this problem there is change in their behavior and also they don’t like their daily routine works. Because of this there is no balance in their body parts and they suffers from heart problem, blood pressure.

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