Russia Google Yandex App Blocked By Facebook

Russian search engine giant Yandex released a new app Wonder late on Thursday for users of Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook.

Russian internet company Yandex has said its new experimental application to search on social networking sites from mobile devices was blocked by Facebook.

As per Yandex (A Russian Internet Company similar to google) said that its new untried application to search on social networking websites from mobile has been blocked by Facebook.

As per Yandex new app called Wonder app and it is a recommendation tool for devices using Apple's iOS software that allows US users of social networks to retrieve information from these sites by voice or by typing questions.

Yandex spokesman said.that talks between Yandex and Facebook, aimed to establish the reason of the issue and resolve it, were to begin within hours. He gave no reason for the problem.But Facebook was not available for comment.

With the new app, Yandex wants to test the opportunities offered by social networks. If successful, the company will consider offering it to users in Russia and Turkey, he said.

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