The Best 10 App 2013

  Here are the best Ten App you must have in your Smartphone

Apps define a smartphone as much as the hardware these days and having the most important ones means you will never be left wanting in the time of need. Whether it is booking a ticket or finding a restaurant, there are a number of free apps available on various app stores to fulfil your requirements and make your smartphone your best friend. Mobile apps have increased in 2012, however, many of them are expected to grow bigger in 2013. Read on for our guide to ten apps that will make it big in 2013.

Want to hear what some of the brightest minds have to say? Try TED app. It's free for iPhone, iPad & Android.
2.Google APP 
Whether you use iPhone or Android, it's likely that you use Google Maps. In India where Apple Maps lacks detail and doesn't offer navigation or traffic details, this is a must-have app for a smartphone user.
3.Whats App
Did you WhatsApp your friends today? Well, you are part of the WhatsApp generation that can't live without texting and yet doesn't spend a paisa on texting.
4.Instant Heart Rate
It's almost magical. And accurate enough for casual use in a gym. This app uses the fl ash and the camera in a smartphone to record blood flow in fi ngertips and calculates how fast or slow your heart is beating.
5.Rayman Jungle Run
Rayman, the limbless duck-like fellow from the mid-90s, appeared on smartphones this year. It stole our hearts and countless hours, as we guided him through the magical forest in his quest.
2012 saw the browser come to iPhone and iPad. If you use a tablet or smartphone, Chrome is a must-have. Reasons: It's slick, fast and can sync your browsing history, including open tabs, across devices
A fan favourite of iPhone users, Instagram hit Android this year and became one of the top apps. After all, everyone knows that the best way to share images of the fancy food they are eating is to 'instagram it'.
There are times when we want to take a break from information overdose on tablets and smartphones. Pocket, with a beautiful and simple user interface, allows us to exactly do that by saving lengthy articles for reading them later.
If you've got a new Android smartphone, spend some bucks on SwiftkeyX. It's astoundingly good at correcting typos and predicting your next word in a sentence.
10.Angry Bird Space
Y people like this i dont know but than also because of its popularity i have to mention it.
Angry Birds meet Star Wars. That was enough to make the game, which is full of pigs in Darth Vader mask and birds wielding light saber, one of the most popular apps of the year.

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