How To Became Popular On Twitter Without Twitting

 Social Networking sites are the place where we can visit and talk to our family, friends. We also use social networking websites as a place to meet strangers and new people and friends. We also use this networks to know what our favourites starts are doing. And for all this Twitter is best place. As a social network, Twitter is downright weird. On Twitter you have followers and you can also follow someone you like. You have option of privacy on Twitter that who can see your personal stuff and know about your life.
But there are people who are open for all. You can follow them and know about their personal life. You can follow any Twitter user to see their regular posts about their lives and personal things. Twitter accounts like CNN, Google and many more are regularly updated every single minute. But this is really funny. But you don't have to do that -- you can use Twitter to follow other accounts without ever posting a single tweet.

Now the last line of previous paragraph has bring us on our topic. Who should you follow on Twitter?

But as we write the question, It's not an easy question to answer since who you follow depends so much on what you like. You can Start by adding your friends, then try to find out a few of favourite media or political personalities. As we all know finding peoples on Twitter is not tough task. You can start your search of Twitter with a Google or search. After this what you have to do is just spend some extra time on watching Twitter feed. Watch and give attention to your favourites tweeting habits. You will notice that people seem to tweet too often and bung up your feed. This should help you prepare out people who tweet too frequently or let you know you should be following more people.

When you sign up for Twitter, Twitter will give you some recommendations on who to follow. This is a perfect way to find some people of your liking like celebrities and follow a few of Twitter's creator. This is the best chance you won't care about any of them. Once you begin following a few people, though, the "who to follow" link on Twitter's top navigation bar will look at your current following list and deliver some useful suggestions. Once you've checked those out, it's time to browse. The Who to Follow page includes a tab called "browse interests" that lists popular Twitter accounts by category?

Now Start Browse interests you will find subjects or category like entertainment, books, fashion, funny, music and sports. Spend a few minutes searching, and you will see quite a few names you recognize. And it's always best thing to take a chance on someone you don't recognize. He or she could turn out to be interesting, too! To find some of the most popular Twitter users not featured in Twitter's "browse interests" section, We Follow is a great resource. The concept is similar: The site allows you to browse through categories like celebrity, music, tech, blogger and comedy to find the accounts with the most followers. Obviously, most doesn't always equal best, but browsing is an easy way to find a ton of interesting accounts.
It is your choice you decide to follow few  people or hundreds, there are a few tools that can help you keep track of all the posts flowing in from the accounts you're following. Twitter's built-in lists feature allows you to organize those accounts into multiple groups.

You can make the groups publicly visible to everyone, or use them as private organizational tools that only you can see.

Twitter clients like TweetDeck offer a similar functionality: In TweetDeck, you can create multiple groups and give each group its own column. With these tools, you can always have an all-encompassing feed with every post and categorized feeds of "can't miss" tweeters or groups for friends, celebrities, etc.

There's no right way to follow people on Twitter -- whether you want to use it for a single purpose and only follow celebrities, or if you prefer to create a varied feed of acquaintances and comedians and online personalities, it's all about what you like.

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