How To Run Tally 7 in Windows 7

Tally 7 is not made for windows 7 so windows 7 is not supporting Tally 7. Tally 7.2 has been designed to run only on windows xp. But there are possibility with some additional downloads and softwares to run Tally 7 on Windows 7

By Using Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode To Run Incompatible Applications you can run tally 7 on windows 7.

  • Download and install Windows Virtual Machine for Windows 7 - Windows6.1-KB958559-x86.msu
  • Download and install Windows XP virtual machine - VirtualWindowsXP_32_en-us.msi
  • Once virtual machine is setup, install the application on guest OS (Windows XP) as shown below (Tally).
    Now all applications installed on the virtual guest system (Windows XP) shows up inside the Windows Virtual PC start menu group on host system (Windows 7) automatically as shown below. Simply click the shortcut to launch the application in virtual environment seamlessly integrated to the host system.
    Enjoy legacy application on Windows 7 with full compatibility

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