Leaked Photos Of iPhone 5

iPhone 5S photos have finally been leaked to the media. Though Apple’s iPhone 5 is not a flop, company expected higher sales of the handset iPhone 5S pictures have finally been leaked to the media.

Though there were speculations that the handset was under development and that Cupertino based Apple was planning to launch its next generation handset to put pressure on its nemesis Samsung, this is the first time that clear photos of the forthcoming device have been leaked.

There is very little chance that the leak had the blessing of Cupertino based Apple or its top officials, nonetheless it gives clear indication that work on new and forthcoming devices at Cupertino based Apple and its affiliates in Asia continues at breakneck speed. Apple is under tremendous pressure due to multiple reasons.

On top of the mind of Apple bosses is the fact that their iPhone 5 is not selling as much as it was expected to sell. And the second and very important is the fact that its stocks are going down and down. From a high of $705 some four months ago, its stocks are trading at around $444. If it was not very important for Apple bosses, investors are becoming unnerved.

Meanwhile more and more leaks are coming out about the new Apple handset. As per grapevine, Apple’s new smartphone edition will come sometime mid this year. Many rumor mills have exposed the potential specifications of the new iPhone that may either be named iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. The existing iPhone is not as competitive to the new line of Android phones that have quad core CPUs, 1080p display panels, 13MP cameras and more. So Apple fans across the world look forward for getting a new iPhone that shows off many features as competitive to the new Android phones. There are rumors that the forthcoming version of iPhone will tout a bit more large display. There is no clear mention about the display size of the handset. Some say it may have a 4.5-inch display and some say it will be a 5-inch one. Of course, to keep pace with the new series of Android phones, Apple should design its new iPhone with a 5-inch FullHD display.

As far as processor is concerned, the 2013 model of the device is likely to run on a new processor, most likely one powered by Apple’s new chipset like A6X or A7. The device should get 2GB of RAM, plus a new 128GB model. Apple has recently launched a 128GB edition of its iPad for the special use of enterprise customers. Perhaps, Apple may expand its new iPhone with a 128GB model as well. The existing Apple smartphone mounts an 8GB rear camera. It can capture high quality images and videos at 1080p. Apple’s innovative iSight sensor is the unique feature of the device. The new iPhone must tout a massive 13MP camera. In order to vie with the new generations of Android phones, Apple should set up a 13MP or larger camera with its new handset. Furthermore, the device should also come with some novel features for quality images and video clips. Meanwhile there are rumors of a cheaper version of iPhone. But so far Cupertino based company hasn’t commented on speculations as yet.

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