New Attractive Features Of Microsoft Words 2013

  Lets Get A Quick and Short look at some new features and attractive features of Microsoft Words 2013

Microsoft has made some great improvements to its Office Individual apps which are already popular and great productivity tools that has ever been created. The newest version of office is touch-screen enabled, integrated to their cloud-based storage system SkyDrive.

Lets Have Look On Some Best New Features Of Microsoft Words 2013

New version of Microsoft Words has a cleaner, more polished look. New documents are created easily than ever before with the help of new design tools and templates available in Word 2013. There are new and improved paths to sharing docs and collaborating with others. You will enjoy improved focus and fewer distractions as you work on your documents with the help of new reader-friendly design.
 Enhanced "Read Mode"

Allows text flows automatically in columns, making it easier on the eyes and a pleasure to read. The need for scrolling the page has also been eliminated with a simple click required to compress the portions you've read and bring up the next section.

New "Object Zoom" -

Feature for viewing charts, tables, images, or videos. Simply click the item you wish to see in detail for an enhanced close-up, the click again to reduce to normal size and continue reading the doc. 

New "Resume Reading"

Function will automatically bookmark your document and return you to the previous location when you return to finish reading. You can even resume reading on a different device - a different PC or a tablet - at the exact location you left off reading.

Improved Document Sharing -

Across devices with an array of collaborators for increased efficiency and productivity. 

Improved "Reply Comment"

Function allows you and your collaborators to share comments on any changes made, or to be made, in your documents. 

Sharing has been greatly simplified

With fully integrated use of SkyDrive. Make sure every participant has the latest version of your doc without having to email it to them.
New "Present Online"

Function allows you to share docs with others, even if they don't have access to Word. Simply share the link with them and they can follow along with you in their own browser. 

New "Alignment Guides"

To help you polish your digital presentations, giving them a truly professional look and feel - including PDF content. 

New "Live Layout"

Function makes adding images, charts, and videos as easy a s a click of the mouse, reshaping the text to accommodate them automatically. 

New "PDF Reflow"

Function allows you to open a PDF directly into Word, make your edits and changes, and then resave as a Word doc or as a new PDF. Finally, a PDF behaves just like a Word document.

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