New Play Station App From Sony For Android and iOS User

Sony has announced their new app PlayStation App for only Android and iOs user. This App is announced along with announcing the PlayStation 4.

After PlayStation App installed this app will enable iPhone, iPad and Android-based smartphones and tablets to become second screen.

Once installed on these devices, users can, for example, see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game, purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices."

The app might help PS4 lovers who cannot purchase the gaming model stay in touch with their favourite games. Also, with it being Play Station, the quality of games is expected to be high.

The app will also help boost sales as users will be able to download games directly from the app, without having to put on heir devices. Once configured, users will also be able to browse through their PS4 library. Pretty cool, but the execution will have to be good.

Also, games will have to be specially designed for hand-held devices as the screen sizes are comparatively smaller. Controllers will go right out the window and screen controls will be other area Sony will have to focus on.

We hope Sony is able to live up to the hype and the PS4 is as good as promised!

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