What Are The Benifits Of Eating Fruits ?

 Fruits are an essential part of your diet. Eating fruits could satisfy your hunger for sugary foods. Fruits could satisfy your daily requirement for fiber. Some of you might eat your fruits for no other reason but to help with your Constipation problem. Fruits could also give you a big boost with your antioxidant intake. You could be eating your fruits for your daily requirement of vitamins. Eating fruits has many benefits.

What if you stop eating meats and poultry. What if you also went vegan. Where could you get your daily requirement of proteins? Most would want to eat soy products for their protein content. Most health sites and health stores are not aware of the damaging effects of soy foods. You could refer to these articles from Dr. Mercola's Site. Since this article is about the benefits of eating fruits, the answer must be to eat fruits to get your daily requirement of proteins. Most of you may not be aware of this, but fruits contain a small amount of protein.

A person on a raw or vegan diet can get their proteins from fruits alone. Eating a piece of fruit can give you up to 1 gram of protein. Protein from fruits is very compatible with the human body since it is natural and uncooked. Your body does not require as much protein as you were led to believe especially if you eat your proteins uncooked. A daily 25 grams of protein is all your body needs. It has been known that eating a lot of protein especially cooked protein can lead to Cancer and other diseases.

You might be asking : how will I be able to build my muscle if I just eat fruits for protein? I need my meat and chicken to build strong muscles. Fruits do not build strong muscles.

A gorilla or even a monkey does not eat meat or chicken. These animals eat mostly fruits and nuts. Fruits will give you the purest and best form of protein.

When you eat your fruits, make sure that you eat them on an empty stomach or at least make sure that you have not eaten any foods for one hour. Fruits pass through the stomach very quickly and if they are slowed by other foods especially fats, then they will ferment. You do not want to let that happen.

Eating fruits can also satisfy your sugar cravings. We as humans are designed to eat fruits in large amounts without affecting us negatively. Eating fruits will not cause you to ever get diabetes as long as they are eaten by themselves. Processed sugars are one of the major causes of diabetes.

Nowadays, people are eating large amounts of sugar a day. How will the body cope with all that processed sugar? It was never designed to take that amount of sugar. Even healthy bread in health food stores are loaded with sugar. Babies grow up eating a lot of sugar. No wonder diabetes is out of control. It has become very difficult for anyone to avoid processed sugar even if you only go to buy your food from health food stores.

Raw foods have a lot of sugar in them but they are the right type of sugar which your body can assimilate without causing any illness. Diabetes can easily be cured by going raw. We were never meant to eat cooked foods. My diet has become mostly raw. I have managed to average 80% raw 20% cooked.
You should always try to eat the whole fruit.

Avoid fruit juices even if you make them fresh at home. Fruit juices lack the fiber and the nutrients that are found in the pulp of the whole fruit. Most vitamins, carotenoids and flavonoids are located on the skin of the fruit. These help properly digest the fruit and slow the absorption of the sugar in the fruit.
When you get any cravings between meals, you should go and buy a couple of fruits to satisfy yourself until your next meal.

You will be surprised at the amount of fruits you end up eating during the day. Eating fruits in front of other people might even make them want to have a piece of fruit as well. Hopefully, this can encourage your colleagues, your friends and your family to start eating more fruits. Let us all try to be healthy.

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