Google Play MoviesLaunched By Google in India

Now a days Google is paying some more attention on Indian Market. Google has bought Movies rentals and downloads in the country. Google has recently announced Nexus 7 and e-books for Indian Market.

This new announcement of Google will allows Indian Android users to rent English as well as Hindi movies via Google Play. They can also purchase select movies directly from the store for which the discs have been released in the retail market. As the collection checked by Infotakes team it seems decent for the English movies, but we could not find many Hindi movies and just spotted a few from YashRaj. We hope Google India is in active talks with Indian production houses to get the required rights to make more Hindi movies available in Google Play.

With the launch of both e-Books and Movies in Google Play; only Music, Magazines and TV shows are now left to arrive. We are not sure if Google will indeed be bringing TV Shows to India, but at the current pace, we surely expect Music to hit Google Play India soon.Google had suddenly changed the whole content ecosystem for Android users in India. Earlier, Android users in the country had access to apps only and now they can both download e-Books and Movies and consume them across the devices.

Pricing ?

There are several local video and movie streaming services currently operating in the country, but we think only Apple iTunes will be the real competitor to Google Play content as both are directly integrated in mobile devices. We checked the prices for select movies on both Google Play Movies and Apple iTunes Movies and pricing is very similar in both stores. For movie renting, you will need to play starting INR 75 for SD quality and starting 120 for HD.

For movie purchases, the pricing has no clear trend, but the lowest prices seem to be around INR 180 for SD and INR 490 for HD. To get movies on your Android devices, you will first need to download Google Play Movies app from Google Play and then normally buy or rent movies from Google Play and they will immediately appear on your Android phone or tablet.

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