Why Apple Hacked More Than Any One

The platform which is same and which have facilitated Apple to mount has furthermore chip in to its rising weakness. 

SourceFire (A web Security Company) issued a report of information named “25 Years of Vulnerabilities” this month. This report charted the Critical Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) of various software and mobile devices.

A CVE is "the international standard for vulnerability numbering or identification" security companies use to chart exploits.
In the report, the company previously known for its near-impenetrability looks like its debut platform, the iPhone, is also its most hackable.
Sourcefire detected 210 CVE's, compared to Android's 24. But it could also just be the popularity.

While one may argue that the increase in CVEs is due to the increased popularity of the phone over the years, Android, the current market leader for mobile phone operating systems, has actually received fewer CVEs in 2012 than it did in 2011, even though it had explosive growth in market share.

ZDNet's Ellyne Phneah talked to Yves Younan, senior research engineer at SourceFire's Vulnerabilities Research Team and author of the report, who said that the combination of popularity and invulnerability of Apples iTunes with the sheer consumer share of iPhone mobile devices led hackers to focus on penetrating the device.

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