Some Strange But True Facts about Smoking

Are you a smoker ? If your answer is Yes its very sad. WHO(World Health Organization)reports says that every year more than five million peoples died because of smoking and Tobacco. As per survey by WHO 1.1 billion smokers in the world. Despite of Actions taken by government, increasing taxes, ban on advertisement this habit is not leaving human beings. All smokers who got trapped in the illusion of smoking wants to get free from it. But they fails. If you are a smoker and if you have tried to quit smoking before and if you fail to do so don't worry. There are some different and free things like Meditation which will definitely help you to quit smoking.

Expected Sony Entry In Smartphone Market In July With 20MP Camera Smartphone

A Baidu forum user (Baidu is a Chinese search engine like Google) who claims himself as a tester for Sony Xperia devices has explore some of the features of smartphones which are under process by Sony. We have little heard about Togari but this is the first time we are hearing about Honami, smartphone which is likely set to join the full HD display league.

Steps To Close Android App On Your Smartphone

Do you know the reason of slow process speed of your Android phone ? The main reason behind the slow process of your Android Phone is the Android Apps that are running in the background of your Android Smartphone. The other negative point of the apps running in background is your battery short stand by time. Your battery stand by time cut to half because of continuously running of Apps in back ground. Close all that app which you are not using or use rarely to sort out the problem. By closing apps you will be able to save your battery life as well as phone memory.

Easy way to Modify Android Apps

Android applications are used to make your Smartphone work as per your desired way.You can take work from your smartphone as you like by installing applications as per your need. Android Application can be modifieded. You have option to modify Android Apps inside the setting Menu. Below we will see some easy steps how we can perform this task. Modification to Application will help your Smartphone works smoothly. Modification will help your Smartphone processing fast and easy.

7-inch Android tablet Samsung Galaxy S III Announced

Soon after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement proves that Samsung is on High Fire. Samsung do not want that people get little out mind from the name of Samsung and its products. So after launch of Samsung Galaxy S 4 Samsung has announced its new Android Tablet with a name Samsung Galaxy S III With 7 Inch Display

How To Easily Open Password Protected Excel File

If you have locked your excel file with password because of worries of your friends and office workers you have done right thing. But thinks what if you go next day to office or sit on your home computer and double click on that excel file to open it and you see that it is demanding password. If you remember the password no issue but think if you unable to remember the password. What to do ? Nothing more just follow below mention simple steps and open it.

Twitter for Mac Updated With Retina Support and More Languages

 After a long period of two years we have seen an update- we cannot say it update but huge update by Twitter, Twitter has updated Os X client. This update include fourteen more languages and suppert for Retina display.

Easy Steps To Download Android Apps For Your Google Phone

In the world of Smartphones users get two options for downloading their desired app on their Android devices. Either download it from your Smartphone or From Android Market. If you download from Android Phone you have to download Android App through Android Market Application. If you are downloading through Android Market Web based view of the Android App store will be provided to you which automatically syncs purchased or downloaded Android Apps to your Android Phone over the web.

How to Manually Install Android Apps

You can download Android Apps from Android Market and Amazon Appstore automatically to your Android Smartphone. But you can also do it manually. You can manually install Android Apps like games and others to your Android device. If you are installing Android App manually you do not need internet connection. It means that if you do not have internet connection on your Android device and if you want any app to install you can do it manually. For this you need File Manager so you can open file manually. In addition you need computer with internet connection to download the Android App you want to install on your Android device.

Apple iPhone 6 - Features, Specifications, Price and Release date

Apple has been working very harder to beat it competitors in the smartphone industry. Now they have Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 lined up for the release in the year 2013. Here in this article you will know the information like features, specifications and release date of Apple iPhone 6.

Asus FonePad released in India

Asus FonePad s priced around Rs.15999. It is likely to be released for sale in the Indian market very soon. With the announcement of a phone or a tablet, people will also start thinking of comparison of the new device with some other similar device already in the market or likely to be released in the market. In this case also, you might think of comparison of Asus FonePad with HP's Slate 7 that received a lot of attention at the Mobile World Congress. HP Slate 7 is also likely to be released in the Indian market with a price tag which will be about Rs.5000 less than Asus FonePad.

5 Best Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Powered smartphones

In the world of technology Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has created great revolution in the world of Android Smartphone. Android has defeat the kingdom of Apple in Smartphone world. When Android Jelly Bean 4.1 was newly launched it has features like faster interface, new camera application, offline voice typing, better notifications and a charming user interface. The main feature of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean can actually try to predict where you are going to touch the screen next.

5 Best Android Browser of 2013

Previously it was said people dont won't to work, but today we can say people don't want to think. Because if you ask a person sitting on computer, laptop or with internet enable device that what is 29+29 ? He will open browser on computer, laptop or mobile and search the answer. If you are going outside and in need of some search then you just quickly get your smart phone and starts search. But to perform a search you need good browser. There are many browser available for your Android Phone. We are mentioning best five among them.

How To Auto Start Android App While Booting Device

You will find many different variety of auto-start management applications on Android Market. This type of Android Apps automatically start up your applications when you boot up your Android mobile phone.

How To Share Android App With Your Friends

Have you ever share Androids Apps which are installed on your Android compatible Smartphone with your friends ? Little interesting question right ? Wonder if you got great Apps on your Smartphone and you download it and use it and suddenly you remember that this app will vedry useful to your particular friend or colleague or your boss. You don't have to call your friend to explain the details of that Android App. Because you have option to share that Android App directly from your Smartphone. When you select share your friend will get description of that app and also a link by which he can download that app

How To Buy Android Apps From Android Market

How to access Android Market

Biggest Market of the world which can access in your small computer or mobile allows you to download applications, games, and tools. Some of these applications are free and for some you have to pay. Applications enhance your phone functionality. You can take your desired work from your Smartphone with the help apps. But this in not the market where you go with your purse give cash and take your things in your carry bag. Here you need a Google Checkout Account to purchase apps. You can set up your Google Checkout account online and start purchasing your desired apps.

How To Download Android Apps

How To Download Android Apps To Your Phones

If your device runs on Android than you must know how you can download Android Apps after purchasing it. You can purchase Android Apps for your device from Google Play Store. Devices with Google Android operating system can access the Android Market. On many smart phones you have to first download apps to your computer and than to your device. But with Android running device you have option to directly download apps from Google Play Store to your phone.

How to Allow Specific Popup in Firefox

How to Allow Specific Popup in Firefox 

Many Browsers are available to use but Firefox Mozilla has his own position in global internet users. Firefox is free and you can use it in your desired way. There are thousands of add on and plugin available with which you can modify Firefox Browser as per your need and desire. If you have opted to use Firefox and are having trouble using specific websites that require popup windows, you can alter the popup blocker settings in Firefox

Google Nexus 7 32GB Officially Available on Google Play India store for Rs 18,999

Google Nexus 7 32GB Officially Available on Google Play India store for Rs 18,999

A week after Google put up the 16GB Wi-Fi Nexus 7 for sale on its Play Store in India, tablet maker Asus brought the 32GB model of the tablet in both 3G and Wi-Fi avatars to its retails stores across the country. After a long wait, Google has finally listed the 32GB Wi-Fi version of the Nexus 7 on the Indian Play Store for Rs 18,999.

Wrinkle Free Mouth Tips

Unfortunately, wrinkles around mouth develop as a woman ages or even earlier on, depending on individual circumstances. They can leave her feeling very self-conscious and unattractive. Although no one can stop the hands of time, there is help available for these types of wrinkles.

How To Add New "Send To" Destination in Windows

You have needed sometime an option to send files out of your computer or laptop. In windows 7 or 8 there is normal procedure for this right click on the required file, then select the ‘Send to’ option. There are options available like Bluetooth and online services like Dropbox or Evernote to send files. If you like you can select Send To destination if you like and if you are sure about destination every-time.

How To Chat On Facebook In Firefox Sidear

You definitely chat on Facebook. That's the reason why you have come to this post. When you are at work or working on computer it is little bit difficult to give attention on chat and work. As you have to go to chat than again come to working window again go to chat and so on. Facebook chat allows you to send message to your online Facebook friends and contact. If you want you can put Facebook chat on your popular browser Sidebar. So you can concentrate on both the things on same window.

Turn your Smartphone into Lytro Camera with Focus Twist App

Focus Twist is a new app which gives you experience of Lytro's focus-shift technology on your iPhone only at US$ 1.99. When you shoot or snap a picture this App allows you to change focal point of a photo.

Want To Burn Fat - Take This 6 Food Now

Working out in gym and taking out sweat is not the only thing and also not enough to reduce your body fat. No doubt that gym work out work to burn your fat and keeps you fit and fine but diet also play an important role in burning your body fat. Most of the people in the world try to fight with this unwanted piece of body. And no one has time to give proper watch on this.Below are the 6 foods which will help you out in burning fat.

Why you should send your child to Summer Camp

The concept of summer camps is widely used and acknowledged in the US and in many parts of Europe whereas it is still not that common for parents here in the UK to send their children to one. The majority of summer camps in the US are activity camps, either day camps or residential, and many have different areas of specialty for different age groups, genders, interests, religions, academic/non-academic etc.

Ultrafone 701HD with quad-core for Rs 11,999 From Zen

Mobile maker in India are popping up like mushroom. Zen is one more name added to this garden. Zen has just launched Ultrafone 701HD with quad-core for Rs 11,999. The GSM handset supports dual-SIM, of which one supports 3G, while the other can operate in 2G mode. Photography is taken care of by an 8 MP rear snapper with BSI and LED flash, while a 3.2 MP front camera is provided to take care of video calling. Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter come pre-installed.

14990.00 Rs For Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro - Detailed Specification

Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535 is a dual-SIM Android Jelly Bean phone with quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB RAM. The phone is packed with an 8MP main camera with dual LED flash a 5MP wide angle front camera for video calling with16GB built-in memory and 32GB memory expansion capacity.
The device is available on @ Rs 14990 with guaranteed free delivery in 8 business days.

How Easily type arabic without arabic keyboard

If you want to type in Arabic without Arabic font keyboard its little hard but not impossible. A little bit of challenge is there in typing Arabic without Arabic keyboard. With little bit of effort and exercise you will easily be able to to type Arabic letters with English keyboard.With the help of below mentioned easy tips you will able to type in Arabic language with English keyboard.

How to use your Android phone as car Radio

If you are frequent traveler and most of your day time you are on road in your car than this article is going to be very useful for you. If you got many phone calls while traveling than its very dangerous to talk on phone while traveling. You can connect your Android Smartphone to your car radio is very useful for you. Beside listening music you can listen your phone calls on your stereo and answer them. You can also listen voice mails, text-to-voice SMS messages on your car stereo while driving.

How To Check All Your Pc Software Updates Automatically

If you are really serious about your PC and Laptop and if you want to be on your system for long time without any error and disturbance it is very necessary that you update your computer software. But updating you software is little lengthy process. Go to Google type the name of software search for updates and then download updates and then update it. If you have 100 software on your PC you have to repeat the process for 100 times. But now there is no need to do so. Update Checker will do it for you.

Easy Trick to use Whats App On Computer or Laptop

A cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS, is only available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. If you want to use WhatsApp on your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X then you will have to download application known as Bluestack. Bluestack app is capable of running an emulator.

How to use your Keyboard as Mouse

When you are doing some work on your desktop or laptop you have definately experiece mouse stuck. Little or more frustration depand on the work you are performing. Its a common issue but if your mouse is not working you can use your keyboard as a mouse. Till now many time you have use your mouse as keyboard with the help of On Screen Keyboard. Here we will see the trick to use Keyboard as working as mouse.

How To Fix: Unable to Charge iPad Via Computer

When you connect your iPad to your desktop via USB cable to charge its battery and you see that your iPad is not charging than you get little worry about both your device. You think that either your PC, iPad or USB cable is has some defect. Possibilities are there that your imagination is true but not most of times. 

Five Easy Tips To Free Your iPhone Memory

If you are iPhone user you have noticed that your device start processing slow after some what period of time. This cause because of memory space occupied by caches and applications. iPhone runs on iOS and iOS is very popular among users. There are many third party iPhone memory management apps are available most of them are not free and the apps which are free was not able to stay longer and perform well. Again this app use your memory.

How To Install Bluetooth On Your Computer or Laptop

Enabling Bluetooth on a Windows 7 PC will allow the connection of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, cameras and any device that is Bluetooth capable at distances up to around 50 feet, although distance will vary according to the environment you are operating in. Once connected you will be able to transfer files, music and video without being restricted by wires.

How to Set Up Bluetooth Devices On iPhone

Everyone knows about Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a popular wireless technology that gives limited range wireless facility to the user. Bluetooth allows user to sync between computers and mobiles. Bluetooth Also allows to connect external tools. Many devices comes with Bluetooth integrated. Apple iPhone is one among them. You can use Bluetooth external devices once it is set up.

How to Stop Facebook Games Easily

Facebook has all you want but here we are about to talk for Facebook games. Games are widely played on Facebook. Popular games like Farm ville and Mafia War are played by Facebook users. You are invited by your friends and others to play this game. But there are possibilities that you are not a Fan of such games on Facebook or you are not interested to play such games. So to avoid such games and stop people to flood your news feed with such requests you must have to stop such Game request.

How to Protect Your Computer

In today's world, computer has become an integral part of our life. We depend on our computers for both official and personal work. When we are in the midst of some work, the computer sometimes suddenly stops working and we wonder what to do.

Remove Useless App To Boost Your PC Speed

If you had bought a new computer and you are disappointed with the processing speed of your computer you don't have to take much tension as this is not the fault of your machine. Useless for you and extra applications and software's are installed on your system by manufacturers will cause this. This apps are memory crasher and because of this apps your system process like snail. So lets remove this memory hungry apps.

How to import contact csv list to iPad

Commonly used address book software and Apple iTunes both has to come together to perform this task. Importing contact csv list to iPad is little tricky task to perform. There is no simple or uncomplicated method to import csv list to iPad. As we all know Apple iPad is very practical for controlling business as well as personal contact.

How to Search Content in Firefox Without Cltr+F Nice Trick

No idea about you that you are aware about this Firefox feature. Its called a Quick Find. You can find text on webpage with this tool directly and no need to press Cltr+F. This feature of Firefox comes in action when we press Slash (/ ). By activating this quick search feature, users do not have to press Ctrl + F all the time when they want to search for text in the page. All you have to do is start typing, and Firefox will find the text for you. When you do find it, just click somewhere in the page and the search box will disappear automatically.

How To Block Websites Free On Firefox In Office or Home

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that can run according to your need. You can take out any wanted work with Firefox and its community developed add ons. We are talking about blocking website on Firefox. We are going to do this with the help Firefox Add On Block Site.

Google denies block of Facebook Home on Android Phones

Eric Schmidt Google chairman has denied the claim that Google is planning to block new app of Social Media Giant Facebook. He clarify that its only rumors that Google is planning to block
Facebook Home, the new app for Android phones. 

Some Useful Way To Get Microsoft Word for Free

Microsoft applications are expensive and not possible for everyone that this app comes in their budget. Micrpsoft Word is a program used almost in every part of world. People use it for personal as well as professional works. There are some alternative available but they are not compitible. But there are some way by which you can get Microsoft Word for free.

How To Solve Internet Explorer 8 Certificate Error

Internet Explorer has loose its popularity due to various reason. No doubt its a browser of god father of internet but the main problem is its complicated structure. When you try to visit certain type of website ub most upadted Internet Explorer 8 a little frustration when we receive security certificate error. This error comes because the site which you are visiting is experiencing issues with its certificates.If you are sure about the reliablity oo the website and regularly visit the website you can turn off certificate revocation checks in Internet Explorer to prevent the certificate errors from being displayed.

How to Enable JavaScript in Firefox in Few Simple Steps

For dynamic interface many developer or website owner use JavaScript on their website.  JavaScript is a programming language. Firefox browser is very popular and it allows its user or surfer of the website to allow or stop JavaScript.

Facebook has launched Facebook Home In United Kingdom

After updating iOS apps Facebook has launched its latest app Facebook Home for the user of United Kingdom.

Google activates Person Finder to help locate loved ones

In the aftermath of the Boston blasts today, Google has launched its Google Person Findertool for Boston to help aid people find each other. The helpful tool was first activated during the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

How To Activate the Camera for Skype on an iPhone

Skype is a great app to make free or low coast communication. Video calls, Audio calls and texts are basic features of Skype. If you have iPhone you know that iPhone has two cameras. with one facing the front for video chatting and one facing the back that you can use to show people what you see when you speak to them via Skype. But you have options to activate and deactivate or switch between two cameras.

Easy Way To Recover Lost Contacts on an iPhone

Now world are becoming digital and a small mistake like tapping a button of phone can also make a big difficulty. Now coming to the point some time it happens in your life that while entering mobile number or adding email address you have deleted phone number or numbers from your friends or family member phone. If it’s a iPhone there are chance that you get back that number again. If you haven't yet synchronized your computer and your iPhone, use iTunes. If you have synchronized your devices, use your most current backup or archive.

Block Calls on an Apple iPhone With iBlacklist

How frustrating when you receive a call from a number which is totally unknown for you. When you pick up the call a company ivr starts informing about boring schemes. iPhone does not have inbuilt feature that gives you a facility to block that type of calls. But if your phone is jailbroken than an application called iBlacklist gives you this option.

Steps To Sync an iPod Without Deleting the Music

If you sync your iPod there is a risk of losing all your music and collections. If you acquire new a latest PC or if you're plugging your iPod into your associate’s computer or if your computer has given up the ghost while sync your iPod, you are 95 percent at risk losing all your music. But by taking simple care and steps you can avoid losing your collection and music.

Microsoft may also make smart watches -The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft is working on designs for a touch-enabled smart watch, joining a number of other large competitors like Samsung Electronics and Apple who are said to be working on similar devices, a newspaper reported.

Why LinkedIn buy Pulse paying 90 Million $ ?

Popular News reader app pulse was owned by LinkedIn for Stepping even further into the media fray. The Announcement was made by the company on Thrusday that it has bought Pulse App for 90 Million $. LinkedIn ended up paying $90 million for Pulse, 90 percent of which was stock and 10 percent cash.

Unsupported Devices will not work with Facebook Home

If you don't have HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II and if you are thinking of Facebook Home just forget about it. You will not able to install Facebook Home other than HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II.

Easy Way To Move Chat Box To Right Side In Gmail

When you are chat with the chat box in Gmail sometime you have to go down to see the messages or you have to collapse the menu. This is little lengthy and you have to do it again and again. But there is option you can move your chat box to the right side of the page. Lets see how to do this.

How to take screenshot on different version of Android

There are different process to take screenshot of your Android phones. The process is a bit confusing as different devices has different method of taking screen shot.

Pop-up compose window in Gmail is now default

After testing for months Google's Gmail new "Compose" has now made default for all users. Last October Google first introduced the new Gmail Compose. Gmail user were encouraged to try the new compose with a option to revert to old compose method. As per Google its a big change for for the best and a lot of people are not going to like it.

What are the best pre-workout foods

Want a great workout at the gym? Try out these foods. Fruits especially bananas are an ideal pre-workout snacks. Bananas, apples, peaches, pineapples, and grapes are energizing snacks and ideal just 20 30 minutes before your work out. Natural sugar available in most fruits and especially bananas are easily digestible and bananas are packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining proper nerve and muscle function.

How To Find Almost Any File In OS X

The Spotlight is nice and decent useful tool which can search your files, emails, contacts and other useful information. 

How to Edit, filter, and share photos with YoCam

A 99 cents or 55 INR cost universal YOcam app gives its user a great control over there photos. This new app is just launched in the ground of iOS photo-editing app tournament. Lets have a detailed look on this app.

App To Give Your Body A Perfect Shape

A latest App of iPhone help you to get in shape. If you are interested in getting your self a perfect fit and perfect body shape than  CrossFit Unboxed is there to help you out.  This app lets users go through a customized guided CrossFit exercise program, no need to lay out the cash for a special CrossFit program or gym.

Getting Started With Facebook Home

If you have HTC or Samsung supported handset you can try Facebook Home. HTC First is available from AT&T from Friday.

New Chrome For iOS Wireless Printing And Full Screen Browsing

New updated chrome for iOS now allows its users to print document wirelessly via AirPrint. New updated chrome also allows its user to browse the internet in full screen mode.

Computer App To Tells You When It's Free to Pee

In office where timing is everything you have to do all your work on time every-time. But when the question comes of nature's call you don't have to see time but you must have to see place. But if you are in office where there is only one restroom for male and one for female then you should be more little careful. But think when you rush to door in emergency and see that its already occupied than there is waste of time.

How To Make Free Calls Anywhere In India

The website says why to send free sms while you can make free calls any where in India. And yes this is true you can make free calls from any where to any where in India.

Old Midi Keyboard Work on a New Operating System

If you have old MIDI keyboard eating dust of your home lying in any corner of your home don’t worry you can use it on your new operating system. When you try install driver it shows error and does not support to your operating system. We know that you have spend your hard earn money. But there’s a solution for the same. Lets do ahead

Soon Software Update For Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and 620

New software update to bring stability and performance improvements have been pushed for the Windows Phone 8 running Lumia smartphones.

Sony Xperia SP Knocks Indian Market Doors With Price Tag Of Rs 27500

Sony has not reveal specific date of Xperia SP launch date till yet but the company has certainly disclosed the window along with the handset’s price. In UK Sony Xperia SP is knocked in market at £339. So we can say that this Smartphone is going to hit at local market around 28000.00.

Karbonn launches Smart A12 with 4.5-inch screen for Rs 7,990

Karbonn launches Smart A12 with 4.5-inch screen for Rs 7,990

Google tool allows users to plan for digital afterlife

Internet giant Google has launched a tool that lets users decide what happens with their email, Google Plus and other accounts after they die - or become inactive online for any other reason.

ZTE Geek with Intel's new 32nm Atom processor Z2580 Launched

ZTE a Chinese smartphone maker company has just recently announced ZTE Highspeed Data Card in India. Now In Smartphone they have introduced the ZTE Geek smartphone. This smartphone was unveiled at Intel Developer Forum (IDF), being held in Beijing.

BSNL to roll out 4G-enabled Internet services in Indore division

 On 4th April has informed its user about BSNL Wi-Fi Modules For Car. Now a new announcement has been made by BSNL about launch of 4G service.

Within two days of launch Canvas Viva A72 price drops 1500 RS

Micromax has launched Canvas Viva A72 before two days and many online ecommerce website has spotted the device with attractive price tag. The price tag for the handset was 6999.00 INR

Facebook Explains Why Vine Can't Access Your Friends

Facebook has clarified its platform policies in response to the news that it has shut off friend-finding access to Twitter's new video sharing app, Vine.

Google Glass Will Completely Change Porn Industry

As the tech industry progress porn industry too. We have seen how porn industry has changed over time to time. Betamax to VHS, HD to Blue ray and so on. Porn industry gives taste of highest technology to viewers.

Microsoft Reportedly Working on a 7-Inch Surface

 Microsoft Reportedly Working on a 7-Inch Surface

Two new data card has been launched by ZTE in India.

Chinese handset maker and wholly owned subsidiary of China’s ZTE Corp has introduced two new 3G data card in Indian Market.

Now Use Smartphones As Scaning Tools

Smartphones are not just phones to make conversation or device to access social media. Smartphones are powerful commanding tool which can perform your command with the help of right apps and accessories.

Now Just Thinking Of Password Will Open Your Accounts

Yes the title of this article will come 100 percent true in near future. As a alternative of typing your password you just have to imagine about it. Yes in near future you will get rid off typing wretched passwords. 

How To Make Personalize Facebook URL

A unique username or URL on Facebook can help you a lot. It makes easier for your clients as well as your belongings to remember you or your brand. A unique username or URL gives 95% more chance of likes. It helps you to make unique your brand and also helps help you to remember it when linking it to your website or including it on business cards and other correspondence.

Edu-Slide i1017 Launched By iBall in Competition Market

With 7 inch screen and resolution of 1024x600 pixels  Edu-Slide i1017 Launched By iBall. Its a budget tablet and packs in 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor along with 1GB of RAM. The tablet comes with 2GB of internal storage, which can be expanded by up to 32GB through a microSD card. For camera, there is a 2-megapixel rear camera and a 0.3-megapixel one on the front.

Nokia End Of Black And White Handset With Launch Of Nokia 105

As we have informed on 4th April about Nokia To Launch Cheap Colour Phone End Of Black And White Handset in our article. Now Nokia has officially announced the launch of its most affordable handset Nokia 105.

Micromax Funbook Talk P360 available for Rs. 7,049 on Snapdeal

Micromax has not yet officially announced but expected to be announce soon availability of its new voice calling supported tablet Micromax Funbook Talk P360. The device is spotted on e commerce website with a price tag of 7049. INR.

Purchasing Made Easy On Updated Play Store

Google Play store for Android Tablets and Smartphones has given a face lift by Google today. All the update is mainly done and decisive to on making buying process easy for music, movie and apps.

252 Million : Total Number Of Registered Domains

As per the report total numbers of registered domains are 252 millon worldwide. More than six millions fresh domains are registered in the period of three months from October 2012 to December 2012.

How To Hack Coke Or Pepsi Machine

This article is written just for fun and information purpose. Please do it for educational purpose only and not for earning or ravishing others. You can hack these machines by just accessing simple code. Once you enter the code and you get success (depend on machine manufacturing) you can find out all kinds of information about the machine's sales, check out the profitability of that vending machine route, and dazzle your friends with your technical prowess.

Rosemary Sniffing Boost Your Memory Power

 According to new study breathe in necessary oil of the herb rosemary can boost your memory.

Micromax Canvas Viva A72 Now Coming Soon On Flipkart

Indian Market of Smartphones is getting wider and wider day by day. Indian Manufacturer of Smartphones are battling very hard to cover the market with low coast and advance features. The name Micromax is now well known and becoming brand in local market. Micromax Micromax A72 Canvas Viva is a new phablet that has been listed on Flipkart for sell in near future.

HTC One with UltraPixel camera launched in India, priced at Rs42,900

 HTC has launched its flagship smartphone, HTC One, in the Indian market at a MOP/ Best Buy price of Rs. 42,900. The phone will be available from end of April.
LG Electronics a Korean firm has launched mid range Optimus L-series II smartphones devices LG L7 II Dual and L3 II Dual in Indian Market. With several new design elements like laser cut
contour, rear design with pebble-like accents and smart LED lighting on the home button it is believed that LG will again make great entry in Indian market.

Free Alternative to Apple iMovie

iMovie is a powerful app from Apple to easily create and share movies from your phone. At Rs 270, you get an app that takes the pain out of movie-making and allows you to create professional looking movies thanks to its inbuilt features.

Sony Xperia Z :: Getting wet and wild!

We’ve reached some extent within the high-end smartphone area wherever range of cores and specifications simply don’t matter any longer. It’s all concerning the user expertise and a few distinctive feature that differentiate it from the group. Sony has been obtaining terribly serious concerning the role they play within the smartphone phase which showed with the barrage of phones it launched last year in each conceivable bracket.

Google in talks to acquire WhatsApp for $1 billion

Rumours have it that mobile messaging service WhatsApp may be Google's next big buy. Digital Trends is quoting "inside sources" as saying that WhatsApp is "playing hardball" and eyeing an acquisition price that's "close to $1 billion".

MTNL To Deploy Routers Developed By IIT-Bombay

 The Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has signed an agreement with the Electronic Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) to deploy Carrier Ethernet Switch Routers (CESRs) in Mumbai. The CESRs are manufactured by ECIL under license from IIT Bombay.

Wammy Titan 2 Quadcore Phablet Will Get Android 4.2 From April 12

Wickedleak has announced that Android 4.2 is now available in India for the Wammy Titan 2. It said that Android 4.2 will be released to Wammy Titan 2 owners via a ROM Upgrade starting on 12 April 2013 in India.

How to Shutdown a Computer Instantly With Single Click

Here is a simple trick with which you can shut down your computer with a single click. It is a simple trick and you don't have to be professional for the same.

Add Photos To Facebook Using Picasa

Picasa is a great place to store photos. Picasa is acquired by Google and it will help you to store your important photos for lifetime. You will get basic service free from Picasa. You can share those stored photos to many social-networking sites. When the name of social-network comes the first name which comes in mind is Facebook. So lets see how we can share photos directly from Picasa to Facebook.

Samsung Galaxy Y Plus, Young: Budget Android Handsets Launched Online at Rs 6290, Rs 8290

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, who has marked a profit of $7.7 billion for the Q1 2013 is sure to have a plenty of smartphones in stock. Galaxy S4 - the current flagship smartphone is highly anticipated to release by the end of this month, but, what about the consumers who do not have the wallet to buy the behemoth, but are still interested to buy the low priced handsets by Samsung.

Intex Aqua Wonder 2 Now Available At Rs 9990

This is an entry level handset and Intex’s Aqua Wonder 2 comes with quad-core processor, 2GB internal storage and Rs 9990 price tag.

HTC Desire Q launched with 4.0-inch WVGA display, Android 4.0

HTC Desire Q has been officially launched in Taiwan. The phone sports a 4.0-inch WVGA display and comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Nokia Lumia 520 Cheapest Windows Phone 8 now available in India

Nokia Lumia 520, that was recently unveiled in India as the 'cheapest Windows Phone 8' mobile, is now available for purchase from Nokia's official website and other online as well as offline dealers for Rs. 10,499.

Micromax Ninja A91 Surface Online For Rs. 8,499

 Micromax Ninja A91 has been spotted over at online retailer Saholic for Rs. 8,499. The phone is listed as available with delivery promised within 3 business days, as of filing this report.

5 Free Apps To Lower Your Mobile Phone Bill

Its now cheap to stay connected with your beloved ones. Its also not cheap to stay up to date on what's going on in the world. Because in this world the thing which is useful you must have to pay for it. Smartphones are great but you have to think twice before sending a message, picture or make call that how much you will be charged for that. There are many ways to send thousands of SMS and MMS messages, and even talk over the phone for free or low costs.

Chrome for Android Update: Now Allows Password and Autofill Syncing

Chrome has been updated for Android phones to Chrome 26, and offers two new features that allows users to better manage their passwords on their mobile devices.

Now Key Chain-Sized Device Charge Cellphone Battery

A UK-based company is developing the world's smallest emergency phone charging device which is just 1.3-inches in size and can be carried even on a key ring.

Leaked Blackberry Roadmap Shows BB10 Tablet on Horizon

 Blackberry 10 Product Line up springs up; shows possible appearance of phablets.

Get Best Out Of Your iPhoto App

There’s so much power built into iPhoto for iOS, you need to touch it to believe it. Using only your fingers, you can make a blue sky bluer. A landscape greener. Or a smile brighter. From the moment you touch the screen, the way you see things will never be the same.

Free Alternative To Apple iPhoto App Aviary Photo Editor

With iPhoto App you always have a great view of your photos. A scroll able thumbnail grid lets you breeze through pictures in portrait or landscape. You can also compare multiple pictures side by side, select favorites and hide so-so shots in one fell swipe.

Easily Block Spam on Yahoo! Mail

When you get your email, you can click on the box beside them, then press the spam button towards the top of your screen. Doing this will start to build up what YOU think of as spam, as well as what Yahoo has already determined to be spam. This allows you to get rid of items that you KNOW to be spam without opening them. Sometimes, the mere fact of opening a bad email can cause you problems.
You will probably want to periodically go through your spam and your bulk folder to make sure that nothing was accidentally diverted there.

Samsung Open Mini Stores In 1,400 Best Buy stores in the US

To boost sales and profitability Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is planning to start its brand shops in 1400 Best Buy Company stores this year in US.

1000 KM per Liter - Car Developed By Dubai Students

Abu Dhabi: A team of engineering students in the UAE have designed a car that could potentially travel up to 1,000 km on just one litre of fuel. The lightweight vehicle -- named Eco-Dubai 1 -- is in its final stage of construction and will begin testing in the next two weeks.

Free Alternative Of Apple Pages & Numbers App

There is no lack of apps in the Apple app store. You will find apps to provide to users’ every impulse and think. But unlike the Android store, which is flooded with free apps, the apps on the Apple app store come with a price tag attached to them.  Fortunately, there are several alternatives to premium iPhone apps.  This App may not offer exactly the same feature set. These apps are value considering.

How To Send Voice Message From Facebook

 Facebook is Magic. You can do almost anything with your beloved ones on Facebook.
Here we are showing how you can send voice message from Facebook.

Samsung Friends With Mozilla For Fastest Browser

Mozilla get support from Samsung in developing new browser called Servo. This new Browser will take better and full benefit of multicore processor on phones.

Make Free Unlimited Mobile And Land line Calls Any Where In India

 Many free phone calling tips have been posted on this blog but this one blows them all, instead of regular PC-to-phone VOIP calls this trick allows users to enjoy unlimited phone-to-phone calls anywhere in India.

Nokia To Launch Cheap Colour Phone End Of Black And White Handset

Nokia is facing challenge from low-cost mobile players mainly from India and China. To short this out Nokia is coming out with a color phone which is said to be available in market at the price of 1200 INR.

Update Your Firefox Now to 20th Version

Mozilla Firefox 20 web-browser is now more secure and smooth. Before this version also Firefox Browser was just great and easy to use. But with 20th version Firefox patches 11 potentially appalling security flaws while introducing a few privacy and convenience features for the average user.

BSNL Release Wi-Fi Modules For Car - Now Stay Connected On Run

For the people who want or need internet connectivity while travelling have good news from BSNL. BSNL has tested Wi-Fi unit in Indore which is specially meant and built for vehicle like cars .

Mushrooms good for diabetics: Expert

Mushrooms are good for diabetics since they contain little or no sugar, says an expert. 

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Available At The end Of May.

The Xperia Tablet Z will become available at the end of May. Sony has confirmed this to Xperia Blog

Yahoo Partnered With Dropbox To Send Big Files As Attachment

Yahoo Partnered With Dropbox To Send Big Files As Attachment 

Download Latest Version Of Viber For HD Calling

 Download Latest Version Of Viber For HD Calling

Second Gen Google Nexus 7 Selling Begins In July By Google : Reports

Google will begin selling the next-gen Nexus 7 tablet from July in the markets globally. The tablet, as previously rumored, will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This information was reported by Reuters.

Delete Your YouTube Account In Five Simple Steps

I don't know the reason why you want to delete your YouTube account. But If you are sure that you want to delete your YouTube account here's the simple steps to follow.

Google faces more inquiries in Europe over privacy policy

Instead of facing one European investigation into its privacy policy, Google now has to contend with at least six of them. Data protection agencies in Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands said Tuesday that they were moving to take action against Google over the policy, which the company introduced last year. They joined the French regulator, which had initiated a European Union inquiry on behalf of its counterparts across the 27-nation bloc. 

New HTC Desire At-last Officially Launced

On the Taiwanese website new Handset HTC Desire P has officially listed. HTC Corp. has officially announced its new handset HTC Desire P with Super LCD2 screen. Taiwanese handset maker HTC Corp. earlier reported that Desire Q along with the Desire P but there is no report about the launch of the former as yet.

Rs 19999.00 For Google Nexus 7 32 GB WiFi, 3G version launched in India

 Google Nexus 7 32 GB WiFi 3G version has been launched in India. The price set for the devices is19000 Rs And 22000 Rs. Isn’t it a great news?

Porn-Mode abilities Expanded By New Firefox 20

New Firefox for Desktop as well as Androids gives you nice improvement in the mode of private browsing. This all is because of small improvements in Firefox. You will get new download manager as well as multiple changes in new version of Firefox

Howrah Rajdhani Express Adornmented With Wifi Service

Now if you are travelling in Rajdhani Express with your Laptop or Tablet or Mobile device which is equipped with Wi Fi Facilty you will be please to know that you are going to get Wi Fi internet service on the train. This Facility is only available in Rajdhani Express running from Delhi to Kolkatta and vice versa.

Hey Women Speaking On Mobile Phone In 1938 : With Video

On Youtube, one video has attract more than 342000 viewers in just one day. In video you will clearly see that a women is talking on wireless device. This video is of 1938 and the woman who is seen in the video is  Gertrude Jones.

Huawei Ascend G510, Y300 price and release date available for pre-order

 Huawei has decided to launch the Ascend G510 and the Y300 in India with a release date slated for the first week of April and the devices carry price tag that read Rs. 10,990 and Rs. 7,980, respectively. Both amounts include all taxes and the phones can now be pre-ordered online.

VT75C - A Voice Calling Tablet By Videocon @ Rs 5965

Videocon has added another tablet to its portfolio, the VT75C. The tablet is available for purchase via online retailers. Infibeam has listed the tablet as an in-stock product whereas Flipkart says that the tablet is a coming soon item. The VT75C has a list price of Rs. 6,999 but is available to users for Rs. 5,965.

Mozilla Forgot Browser For iOS

BANGALORE: Mozilla's new mobile operating system that will challenge Apple's iOS and Google's Android is being positioned as a vehicle that will take the next two billion users online. Yet, in all likelihood, Mozilla will give India — home to 860 million mobile phone users — a miss in 2013. 

Purported image of Nokia Asha phones surfaces on Twitter

Nokia is currently offering affordable mobile phones under its Asha brand and there have been reports that the Finnish handset maker will be launching a refreshed range of Asha devices in the near future. These handsets will allegedly come with an improved design and UI.

How To Make Choclate Ice-cream At Home

Be ready to have taste of chocolate ice-cream at home. Cool delicious and harmless pure hand made with your own home ingredient.

BSNL Internet capacity down 20% due to cuts in under-sea cables

 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd on Monday said its Internet services were disrupted after three major under sea cables that connect India to other parts of the world got cut.

How To Send A Fax From Computer

If you are a person who has laptop or desktop and don't want to buy Fax Machine than here is the way how you can do the procedure. It simple and easy and you don't need any professional skills to do the task. Follow some simple steps to do so.

Transferr Music From Old Audio Cassettes To CDs

If you are worrying about your old music or speech collection which is stored in 1980s or 1990 audio cassettes  you dont have to worry as you have option to transfer all your collection from audio cassettes to CDs. Here's how to transfer the same onto CD before the former is ruined by the passage of time.

Easily Use This Trick Unlike Facebook Page

In this article, you'll learn how to quickly unlike a page. Although it's gotten easier to unlike a page now, with the new Timeline view on Facebook, it's tricky to find these pages.

How To Translate A Webpage Via Bing

 How To Translate A Webpage Via Bing.

YouTube announces shutdown in April Fool's prank

  YouTube announces shutdown in April Fool's prank

In an elaborate April Fool's prank, YouTube announced it was going dark for a decade, and that the site was merely an eight-year contest to find the best video. 

Possibly Facebook’s Android HomeScreen Apple's Drawback

As we all know and all have a reason to littly care about the freedom and customization offered by Android to its developers. It is much more than iOS. But if Facebook’s legendary Android homescreen is a hit, the inflexibility of Apple’s closed mobile platform could be framed as a downside after years of its consistent design and ease being seen as chattels.

Facebook Targeting Mobile For More Usage and Users

Facebook Targeting Mobile For More Usage and Users

Facebook is a social media site with more than one billion active users worldwide. Now Facebook is targeting India to grow up its already dominant position. It plans to ramp up mobile access functionalities and partnerships with carriers.

Some Tips To Take Screen Shot

If you like to take Screenshot on your Windows PC its not very difficult task. There are several options availabe to take screen shot. Taking a screenshot is also called a screen grab, or print screen.You can use many techniques listed below.