5 Best Android Browser of 2013

Previously it was said people dont won't to work, but today we can say people don't want to think. Because if you ask a person sitting on computer, laptop or with internet enable device that what is 29+29 ? He will open browser on computer, laptop or mobile and search the answer. If you are going outside and in need of some search then you just quickly get your smart phone and starts search. But to perform a search you need good browser. There are many browser available for your Android Phone. We are mentioning best five among them.

Firefox Beta Android Browser

No one is there on the internet who is not familiar with this name. And we also know how good it works. The Mozilla Firefox is very much famous for the browsing experience it offers and for the features. Mozilla Firefox (Beta) is a mobile browser for android phone. You will get the experience of fast browsing and high performance. Also you would love the privacy features and Add-on plugins to make your browsing more easily and fantastic.

Google Chrome Android Browser

Google Chrome is again good and familiar name in the world of browsers. It is the best browser if you are using Android 4.0 version on your device. Both Android and Chrome are product of Google. After getting the huge success in the field of computers and laptops now Google Chrome is making your browsing experience more exciting in your Android smart phone.

Opera Mobile Android Browser

Opera Mini is a mostly used browser whether your phone is Android enable or not. In India if i say 100 Android Smartphone i have seen than 99 Smartphone user use Opera Mobile. The Opera Browser is works very well for computers and same in the case of mobile phones. It’s a good browser and known for the fast speed of loading of web pages.

Dolphin Android Browser HD
Possible you have not heard name specially indian who sticks on Opera. If you are using Android phones then you must know about the Dolphin Browser HD as it’s a convenient browser and very well known for its compatibility with Android devices.

Maxthon Android Browser

Maxthon Browser is one of the most popular and highly experienced browsers. The browser comes with lot of additional features and privacy features. Also it offers a good browsing speed on your smart phone. Install some external Add-on plugins to enhance your browsing experience.

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