5 Free Apps To Lower Your Mobile Phone Bill

Its now cheap to stay connected with your beloved ones. Its also not cheap to stay up to date on what's going on in the world. Because in this world the thing which is useful you must have to pay for it. Smartphones are great but you have to think twice before sending a message, picture or make call that how much you will be charged for that. There are many ways to send thousands of SMS and MMS messages, and even talk over the phone for free or low costs.


Facebook Messenger

Easy and used by every one Facebook Messenger is great app. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active user. 126 million people use Facebook on mobile so its a great app to low coast you phone bill.
The main reason behind the vast usage of Facebook is App is you can make contact with your belongings via chat, text, voice message and now make phone call via VoIP.

Think of the voice messages as short snippets of a real phone conversation. All you need is a wireless network or a data connection and you can talk to friends and even contacts that don't have a Facebook account. There is one minute limit, so make sure to keep your messages short and sweet.

To make phone calls, the person you're calling has to have the Messenger app installed. It only works on iPhone so far in U.S, but the Android app should have the functionality soon (it's already rolling out in the UK and other countries).

Download Facebook Messenger For iOS or Android


Skype was available and used world wide one with webcams and video chatting on your systems.  Skype was the first of webcam applications that made a splash in the marketplace. A few years ago, Skype made the move to mobile and now allows its massive user base to chat, video call, and send files all from their smartphones.

If you're looking to save some of those minutes on your cell phone plan, you can use Skype over WiFi (or 3G or 4G) to video call any of your contacts that have Skype as well. You can also send messages to your Skype contacts free of charge.

Download Skype for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


WhatsApp is probably one of the most popular messaging apps available. The app is available on any phone platform you can think of and even on tablets. which makes it so much better.

While Blackberry and iOS both have built in group messaging capabilities, both platforms make it exclusive to their operating systems.

If you want to create a group message on an iPhone and one friend has Samsung Galaxy S3, they won't able to take part in the conversation, and instead will receive individual messages from everyone in the group. With Whatsapp, you can message anyone on any platform FOR FREE.

Whatsapp uses the internet to send messages so you can avoid those SMS rates and fees. It's also great to make contact with international users. You can avoid the ridiculous SMS fees your carrier applies and contact them just as easily.

Download Whatsapp for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and more

Google Voice

Google Voice is another great way to save money on your calls and texts. You can set up a Google Voice account using your mobile number or create a new one.

Google Voice currently provides free PC-to-phone calling within North America and so much more. You can set up custom greetings for different callers and even have all of your phones (house, home, office) ring at the same time.

The service is still growing in use, but it is a great way to save money on calls and texts and take advantage of the many other features it has to offer.

Download Google Voice for PC, Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone


Voxer is an app I wish I had around when I was a little kid. I used to always want a set of walkie-talkies for me and the rest of my friends to use during our outdoor adventures. Voxer utilizes the same function that made walkie-talkies so great.

It's a push-to-talk application that lets people send short voice messages, pictures, and texts all through the application. Just make sure your friends download the Voxer app. It's free and really fun to use.

Download Voxer for iPhone or Android

So have fun and don't forget to leave comment.

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