App To Give Your Body A Perfect Shape

A latest App of iPhone help you to get in shape. If you are interested in getting your self a perfect fit and perfect body shape than  CrossFit Unboxed is there to help you out.  This app lets users go through a customized guided CrossFit exercise program, no need to lay out the cash for a special CrossFit program or gym.

This app works for you as your personal trainer. You will also have instructional videos for how to perform certain exercise. This app provides users with a workout schedule that is designed in such a way as to not be too repetitive or boring.

Gain's free Cross Trainer app comes with a few free customized workouts, but users can buy additional workouts within the app itself. This includes the new CrossFit Unboxed Trainer sessions. Developed by Gain along with certified CrossFit trainer Ranier Gadduang, the app is designed so users can customize workouts to their skill set, equipment and time.

Gain also introduced a new feature called "Pocket Mode" that is designed to help users who frequently work out with their phones in a pocket. In Pocket Mode, just double-pat the phone to tell the app you want the next exercise, without having to remove the phone from your pocket.

The Gain team worked hard to get the gestures to work correctly, and to differentiate between movement in an exercise and a double-pat to move to the next exercise. You can also vertically swipe upward on the screen to confirm the completion of an exercise.

Gain is only enabling Pocket Mode for CrossFit Unboxed for now, but the plan is to bring it to the rest of the Gain apps in the future.

While I didn't go through a full CrossFit workout, I did give Pocket Mode a good test and was impressed with how well it worked.

There are tons of great fitness apps on the market, but Gain's CrossFit Unboxed is one that definitely combines tech prowess and good instructional skills.

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