Block Calls on an Apple iPhone With iBlacklist

How frustrating when you receive a call from a number which is totally unknown for you. When you pick up the call a company ivr starts informing about boring schemes. iPhone does not have inbuilt feature that gives you a facility to block that type of calls. But if your phone is jailbroken than an application called iBlacklist gives you this option.

iBlacklist enables you to block calls and SMS messages from individual numbers as well as callers using blocked or unknown numbers.

The app costs $12.99 and isn't available through the Apple app store, but you can download it using Cydia, an alternative app store for jail-broken iPhones.

Open Cydia application on your jail-broken iPhone. After that type iBlacklist into the search box and select the app from the list of results by selecting it.

As shown on your screen follow the instruction for payment and downloading app. After the proces download the app.

Once your iBlacklist download complete select Close Window to close Cydia application and return to your iPhone's home screen.

Now open iBlacklist app. Tap "Blacklists" in the main view to view the current lists of blacklisted numbers or groups.

Now Select "Add new Blacklist."

Choose whether you want to add a number from your contact list, your recent call list or your recent message list, or whether you want to manually add a number and select the appropriate option from the list. If you have chosen to add an existing contact, you will be prompted to select the contact from a list; otherwise you will be asked to enter the number and choose a name for the contact.

Find the row with the red call icon on the configuration page, which will appear after you have selected the contact to block or added the number manually. Set the switch to "On" by swiping your finger across the switch to block calls from this contact. You can also block SMS messages from this contact by setting the switch to "On" next to the red message symbol.

Tap the row marked "Action to be performed" and choose whether you want the call to go straight to voice mail, to be automatically hung up on, to receive a busy signal or to be blocked without your phone ringing, by tapping on the appropriate row. Click the blue button to add the contact to your blacklist. Your changes will be saved and any calls and/or messages from that number will be blocked.

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