BSNL Release Wi-Fi Modules For Car - Now Stay Connected On Run

For the people who want or need internet connectivity while travelling have good news from BSNL. BSNL has tested Wi-Fi unit in Indore which is specially meant and built for vehicle like cars .

This device is installed in Mr. G.C Pandy's car. G.C Pandy is General Manager of the Indore division.

The wireless unit in question is touted to be based on an antenna system. This is built to catch Wi-Fi signals and could probably deliver users a data speed of up to 3.5Mbps.

The exchange is explained to be made possible owing to CDMA technology. The BSNL website is bare of the relevant information at this point of time; so we’ll be digging a little more into the story later.

The only question is – Exactly what kind of customer does the company intend to target it at? If we are talking about accessing the web while on the move, most people who require such a facility normally activate data services on their handsets.

If it’s the laptop-carrying user, many end up with a dongle which can deliver connectivity just about anywhere or simply hook up their portable PCs with their smartphone’s data package.

The BSNL Wi-Fi module for cars is expected to be priced at approximately Rs. 5000 to Rs. 6000. It will be interesting to see how the product takes off in the market. But before that, an official launch which could clear up certain questions would be welcome.

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