Computer App To Tells You When It's Free to Pee

In office where timing is everything you have to do all your work on time every-time. But when the question comes of nature's call you don't have to see time but you must have to see place. But if you are in office where there is only one restroom for male and one for female then you should be more little careful. But think when you rush to door in emergency and see that its already occupied than there is waste of time.

With the help of light sensor and wireless connection a system is developed by employees at Sanborn Media Factory. It is called BUM(bathroom usage monitor). This system let the office know when a loo is free via a computer app that keep that watches the throne.

There are two individual bathrooms, one male, one female, but no direct lines of sight to their doors. To sort this problem out company members created BUM out of a necessity at their New York location.

BUM's software works on Mac OS X; users can keep it running in the background while they work. You can choose to "watch the throne," which sends an alert every time there's a vacancy, or you can click the icon to check whether a restroom is occupied.

While the company has no plans to make the app or device public, we're sure other offices could use it to satisfy their needs.  

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