Easy Steps To Download Android Apps For Your Google Phone

In the world of Smartphones users get two options for downloading their desired app on their Android devices. Either download it from your Smartphone or From Android Market. If you download from Android Phone you have to download Android App through Android Market Application. If you are downloading through Android Market Web based view of the Android App store will be provided to you which automatically syncs purchased or downloaded Android Apps to your Android Phone over the web.

To Download Android Apps For Your Google Phone Follow The Instructions 

What you have to do on Phone:

First of All open the applications menu and tap on "Market" to open the Android Market.

Now Tap on Apps or Games to view different apps or games categories Now tap on a category to view its apps. The other option available to search apps is by tapping the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the screen

Now Tap on the app's listing to open the app page and tap on free or price.

Accept the terms and conditions of the app by pressing OK. And the app is downloaded to your Android smartphone.

What you have to do on Android Market Website:

Go to Android Market website and sign in with your Google account username and password. It is compulsary that you have Gmail account.

Browse or search for your app by selecting category.

Click on an application's icon or name to open the app page.

 Click the "INSTALL" or "BUY" button next to the app's icon.

The application will automatically download to your Android phone over the Web. Read more: How to

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