Easy way to Modify Android Apps

Android applications are used to make your Smartphone work as per your desired way.You can take work from your smartphone as you like by installing applications as per your need. Android Application can be modifieded. You have option to modify Android Apps inside the setting Menu. Below we will see some easy steps how we can perform this task. Modification to Application will help your Smartphone works smoothly. Modification will help your Smartphone processing fast and easy.

Easy way to Modify Android App

Easy way to Modify Android App

Lets see how we can modify Android Apps

You need to go to settings of your of your Android Phone. To go to settings Tap on the Home or Menu button of your Smart Phone which is located below of you Phone screen and next tap on settings.

Now Tap on the Applications option and that will open the Application Menu.

Now you have to go to to Manage application Section. To visit that,  tap on manage applications. Tap on the Application which you want to modify. This tap will take you to the application details page.

Perform the task you want to do with your Application
  • If you want to Uninstall the Application Tap on Uninstall . 

  • If you want to stop that application Tap the "Force Stop" button.

  • To Move that Application to your Memory  card Tap "Move to SD card.

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