Easy Way To Move Chat Box To Right Side In Gmail

When you are chat with the chat box in Gmail sometime you have to go down to see the messages or you have to collapse the menu. This is little lengthy and you have to do it again and again. But there is option you can move your chat box to the right side of the page. Lets see how to do this.

Go to your Gmail account and login with your user name and password.

Now click on the setting button as shown in below image.

After Clicking On Setting You will Land on Setting Page You have to click on Labs As Shown below.

When you click on lab page you will land on page where you will find a search box where you have to type "right side". 

When you type right side in search box you will find Right-side chat by Emily C just below the search box. Select radio button to enable and click on save changes. As Shown below image.

After you click on save changes page loads for few seconds and you will find that chat box has moved to right side of your inbox.

Thats it. If you want to again take your chat box on left side repeat the procedure and just select disable button on lab page and click on save changes.

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