Easy Way To Recover Lost Contacts on an iPhone

Now world are becoming digital and a small mistake like tapping a button of phone can also make a big difficulty. Now coming to the point some time it happens in your life that while entering mobile number or adding email address you have deleted phone number or numbers from your friends or family member phone. If it’s a iPhone there are chance that you get back that number again. If you haven't yet synchronized your computer and your iPhone, use iTunes. If you have synchronized your devices, use your most current backup or archive.

First of all open iTunes on your computer and plug in your iPhone to your computer.

Locate the iPhone in the “Devices” column at the left of the iTunes application window.

Right click on the iPhone icon and select  “Restore From Backup.” Select one of the backup versions from the drop-down menu and click the “Restore” button. This will restore any contacts that you have lost since your last sync in iTunes. (If you are using Mac instead of Right click use Ctrl-click)

Unplug you iPhone from computer now see your contact list. You will amaze to see that all lost contacts should be restored to your list.

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