Facebook has launched Facebook Home In United Kingdom

After updating iOS apps Facebook has launched its latest app Facebook Home for the user of United Kingdom.

Facebook Home was launched last week for the user of USA with some specific devices like HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II. Now Facebook Home is officially available for United Kingdom user but in the matter of devices the condition remains same. One more thing is that now Facebook Home is available Android Play Store and Facebook Home built-in phone  HTC First will not launch in the UK until the summer.

Mark Zuckerberg said while announcing the new mobile phone application that replaces users’ home screens with updates from friends and integrates text messages with Facebook chat,the new strategy was “mobile best”, rather than “mobile first”. Key features of Home and the HTC First centre on Cover Feed, described as “a constant stream of photos and updates from friends that is always available at a glance”. It also includes improved notifications, and a messaging feature called “Chat Heads”, which allows users to chat with contacts without needing to go into a new application.

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