Five Easy Tips To Free Your iPhone Memory

If you are iPhone user you have noticed that your device start processing slow after some what period of time. This cause because of memory space occupied by caches and applications. iPhone runs on iOS and iOS is very popular among users. There are many third party iPhone memory management apps are available most of them are not free and the apps which are free was not able to stay longer and perform well. Again this app use your memory.

Below are the five tips which will definitely going to help you to free your iPhone Memory.

1.Clearing Caches
Caches are unnecessary and block some amount of space on your iPhone. There is no harm in deleting caches. Doublepress your iPhone's Home Tab and manually stop or close the fully unnecessary iOS processes and clean the catches which are lying in your iOS and you will free some space on your iPhone.

2.Deleting Apps
Delete the app which you rarely or never use. This apps also use lots of memory. Movies, Games, Music and other apps use lots of space. Open your iPhone tap Settings-General-Usage to open the Usage screen on which you can see a list including all your installed apps on your iPhon. Select the large apps that you rarely use and delete them. No need to worry as these apps can be installed again when ever you want.

Reboot your iPhone. The devices based on the system iOS will clear out all the caches once they are rebooted. This saves your manual cleaning operations.

4.Updating To Latest Version
Updating your iOs to latest version also helps you a lot. Because during the process of updating iOS to latest version many bugs which occurs due to low memory space on iPhone will be fixed automatically. But it is advice-able to backup before updating to latest version.
5: Re-synchronize 
 Re-synchronize your music, movies  TV-shows, photos, games and apps from iTunes to your iPhone. Because if the previous synchronization between your iPhone and the iTunes program does not complete thoroughly, there will be some junk files leaving on your iPhone's iOS system. The re-synchronization can clear these junk files to discharge more memory space.

Regular updates on the iOS system put load on the iPhone device. So it will use more Memory of your iPhone and the issue of the low memory on iPhone device will also jump out regularly .So it is necessary to free up your iPhone's memory space at regular intervals.

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