Free Alternative Of Apple Pages & Numbers App

There is no lack of apps in the Apple app store. You will find apps to provide to users’ every impulse and think. But unlike the Android store, which is flooded with free apps, the apps on the Apple app store come with a price tag attached to them.  Fortunately, there are several alternatives to premium iPhone apps.  This App may not offer exactly the same feature set. These apps are value considering.


When it comes to efficiency or productivity apps, having a word and number processor is crucial. Apple has developed its own App known as Pages and Numbers. But it is expensive and you will able to get it at Rs 550 each.

Document 2 is a free alternative you can consider for Pages and Numbers. Document 2 has both paid and free version.

The free version is ad-supported and there are certain limitations.

It doesn't support rich text formatting.

It does not support  Drop-box integration, Air Print among-st others.

It allows you to view and edit documents on the go and has syncing features as well.

It allows you to  view/edit spreadsheets, text documents, preview, directly email the document and sync to Google.

 It also includes an integrated FTP Server and Wi-Fi HD (mobile hard drive) that allows you to easily transfer files between iPhone, iPod, Mac, PC etc.

It also includes a sound recorder and a photo manager.

While the app isn’t as comprehensive as the Apple’s iWork suite, of which Pages and Numbers are a part of, Documents 2 should nevertheless suffice for most of your basic requirements.

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