Free Alternative to Apple iMovie

iMovie is a powerful app from Apple to easily create and share movies from your phone. At Rs 270, you get an app that takes the pain out of movie-making and allows you to create professional looking movies thanks to its inbuilt features.

It makes sense to buy the app only if you plan to make movies frequently, otherwise you can make-do with free apps like Splice Video Editor. Just like the iMovies, even Splice features an easy to use interface, which allows you to make movies by simple "drag-drop" option.

It allows you to combine photos, videos, transitions and title screens to make your movie. When it comes to adding a background score, you can either add your own sound track or select from the pre-loaded sound effects and music files. What’s unique to Splice is that it allows you to synchronise multiple audio tracks.

You can also create HD movies on a supported device. A great way to start is by watching the demo video, as it will help you to understand how to go about making your movie. Splice also has a paid version and the only difference is the free app is ad-supported. 

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