Free Alternative To Apple iPhoto App Aviary Photo Editor

With iPhoto App you always have a great view of your photos. A scroll able thumbnail grid lets you breeze through pictures in portrait or landscape. You can also compare multiple pictures side by side, select favorites and hide so-so shots in one fell swipe.

Apple has developed the iPhoto app to help you manage and edit the pictures that you have clicked. But you have to pay Rs 270 to managing your album to image editing, adding effects, sharing and much more.

But if you are looking for a free alternative, then Aviary Photo Editor is worth a shot. While it doesn’t include all the features of iPhoto, it provides you with plenty to tinker around with your pictures.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation, crop, change orientation, focus, fix blemishes etc.

Additionally, you can add effects, frames and stickers, and colour, draw or add text – you can even create a meme.

The app features quite a sleek user interface, which makes it quite easy to use and the results won’t disappoint you either.

Aviary Photo Editor allows you to easily share your images via messaging apps and social networks. While the app has most of the popular effects, you can buy additional packs at a nominal cost.

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  1. With an iPhoto you can aschieve so beautiful and a bit fantastic and so marvelous photos. There are some great features which are good only for MAC users for editing photos.