Getting Started With Facebook Home

If you have HTC or Samsung supported handset you can try Facebook Home. HTC First is available from AT&T from Friday.

For HTC First buyers, Facebook Home is going to come pre-installed, so to get started you only need to sign into your Facebook account. For everyone else, you’ll have a few hoops to jump through before you’ll be able to surf through your friend’s photos using Facebook’s Cover Feed, or move chat heads around.

I just installed Facebook Home on the HTC One X+ to see how the experience works.

While you can use chat heads with a number of Android phones, to use Facebook Home you’ll need to be running Android 4.0 or above on either the HTC One X or One X+, Samsung’s Galaxy S III, or the Galaxy Note II. Home will also be supported on the HTC One and Galaxy S 4, both of which will be for sale soon.

For basic Home functionality, you’ll just need the latest version of Facebook installed on your phone, as well as the Facebook Home app, which arrived in Google Play on Friday.

If you want to use chat heads, the floating icons with your friend’s faces, you’ll also need to have Facebook Messenger installed on your device.

Once you’ve downloaded or updated all the apps, you’ll be prompted to sign in to Facebook, if you haven’t already.

Since Facebook Home is technically an Android launcher, you’ll be prompted to choose from either your phone’s native launcher or any other launchers you have installed, including Facebook Home, when your smartphone boots up.

To get going with Facebook Home, simply choose it from the options. Once you've made your selection, Facebook Home is installed, and you’re ready to play.

Your profile picture will appear on the bottom of the screen. When locked, slide your face up to bring up your app menu, to the left for Facebook Messenger, or to the right to bring up the last app you were using.

Navigating through Facebook Home is fairly intuitive and easy to understand. To operate the launcher you just need to know a few simple steps:

Chat heads are actually a function of Facebook Messenger, not necessarily Facebook Home. So, even if you aren’t rocking one of the supported Facebook Home smartphones, you can still give them a try.
As you receive messages from friends, their faces will appear on the screen in the form of a small bubble.

Tapping on an head will open a chat window where you can have a conversation. If a few friends have messaged you, you'll be able to toggle between them.

If you’re not interested in chatting with your friend right now, you can drag their face to the bottom of the screen to discard the message.

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